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Marine Engineering - Unit survey ( Sulzer RTA Engine )

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Article Summary: "Here is the some of the required information for all mariners of the world. A Unit survey of Sulzer RTA Engine. Planning, Shutting down, removal of connection and.."

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(A) Planning:
* Get exact date of survey and estimate immobilization period.
* Check and prepare all necessary spares and tools.


a) Piston and cylinder head:
- Hydraulic pump, hoses and cylinder head jacks
- Lifting gears eg: engine room crane, shackles, slings etc.
- Piston lifting tool and cylinder head lifting tool
- Piston ring funnel or ring compressor
- Stuffing box spacer and hole cover
- Feeler gauge and internal micrometer
- Piston ring extractor
- Piston stand
- Piston crown template
- Liner calibration template
- Liner calibration ladder
- Other necessary tools

b) Liner:
- Liner lifting tool and liner support beam
- Liner jack and jack support

- Piston rings
- Piston o-ring
- O-ring, rings and springs for stuffing box
- Liner o-ring
- Cylinder head joint
- Other connection gasket

* Consult manual for special instructions and data e.g jacking pressure, clearances etc.
* Check all lifting devices and crane for SWL, corrosion and other damage.
* Test lifting gears.
* Check hydraulic pump, jacks, HP hoses and connections for satisfactory operation.
* Prepare and check previous survey records.
* Carry out briefing for every one involved in the work about precautions, work to be done and time available.
* Safety gears to be worn during work.
* Prepare piston stand near engine.

(B) Shutting down and removal of connection:
* On F.W.E get immobilization permission and propeller clearance from bridge. Inform bridge of estimated immobilization period.
* After blow through , shut starting air valve on air bottle.
* Engage turning gear and turn for at least 1/2 hour, crank CLO 40-50 times.
* After 1/2 hr, stop LO pump and stop turning but keep the turning gear engaged.
* Put up notices in the control room for the M/E pump, which has been stopped and also on the engine control.
* Open crankcase space door and under piston door and start ventilation.
* Isolate fuel inlet and return valves for the affected unit. Fuel is on re-circulation for other units.
* Spring air valve isolated.
* Remove:
1: Exhaust bellow and sensor.
2: JW outlet pipe before the outlet valve, thermometer and temp sensor.
3: Spring air connection.
4: Actuator oil drain.
5: Hydraulic actuator HP pipe.
6: Injector HP pipes.
7: Injector fuel return connections.
8: Starting air valve connection.
9: Starting air valve pilot connection.

* Protect all openings with clean rags.

(C) Removal of cylinder head:
1. Fit hydraulic jacks on all cylinder head nuts and connect the HP hoses.
2. Open jack-vents and start to pump slowly ensuring no excessive pressure buildup.
3. Once air bubbles are removes, shut vents and stop pump.
4. Ensure all jack vents are shut then start pump to hack up to recommended pressure and stop pump.
5. Use tommy bar to loosen nut, ensure all nuts are loose.
6. Release pressure, remove jacks and remove nuts.
7. Fit cylinder head using the E/R crane.
9. Care must be taken when lifting so as cylinder head does not comes in contact any other engine part during lifting thus causing damage.
10. Place the cylinder head on wooden blocks.

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ok, this all we do but as chief engineer what are the paper work have to be done before , during and after the survey is more important than this repairman work . paramjeet Singh 2013-06-28 19:29:42 1871
Hirnrni am an marine engineer and found your report really helpful for my assignment and well as for the orals.rnvery nice report. thanks a lot. sumedha 2015-03-16 01:52:40 2159

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