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Love - A Hidden Mystery !!

BY: Aakansha Tewari | Category: Relationships | Submitted: 2010-10-28 18:41:21
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Article Summary: "This article is basically written on the basis of my own personal experience of love. It will take you on a short tour of how normally a relation goes, specially when you are in love..."

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Hey friends,

You must be wondering why I am behaving like this, but today I have got something good in store for you - "LOVE".

What is the first thought which strikes you when you hear this? Most of you must start thinking about your lover...dream partner...or anyone else. This love usually fills our mind and soul with vigor and excitement. So what viewpoint have you got about it? Is it bad or the best thing that ever happens? Well.. if we ask the experienced, broken hearted people, most of them will make faces. Give a stern look or with a deep sigh of disgust and sadness will say.. "Don't ever fall in love", and those who are flying in air .. "lovebirds" .. getting close to someone .. humming romantic songs, definitely with a shy smile will say its loveliest thing that ever happens.

So over all it depends on the individual. What stage he/she is actually going through. But one thing is for sure, everyone of us wants to go through this phase once. Feel its pleasure and pain.. cry out when you are upset...laugh out thinking of happy moments...lost in dreams of someone special...dancing in rain...humming romantic numbers...sharing your problems and happiness with the one whom you love .. planning your upcoming life with your partner... getting close gradually.. committing yourself to your love.. everything. Sorry if I miss out some points. But its so obvious to happen, after all love is the most unpredictable and unstable feeling that captures your heart and soul that when even your mind stops working. Some of you must be nodding your head this time.

So when does it all start...when do you realize that you are actually fallen in love...When do you start thinking about someone else than your own...most of us usually fall in love with strangers...we meet...spend some time.....go on dates...get to know each other deeply....lost in thoughts of each other...try our best to do something good for each other...late night talking... exchange all starts gradually....and then what... finally the day most of the cases guys propose rose in hand .. bending on knees .. staring into eyes...with a beautiful ring...or a cute gift or a romantic message...or on a phone call...say out the three most magical words...."I love you......".And the girl smiles shyly and says yes I do....and sometimes her smile can do the work...and in rare cases girls like to initiate first...they usually don't go out for an open love....just depicts their feeling on a paper as a note....or indirectly on a phone call..or a this means if we leave it to the guys to propose...they can do this job in better. I hope some of you agree with this.

So this is how a relation starts comes the toughest but most dutiful part and also beautiful in some way...when it comes to manage this relation...making sacrifices, adjustments, commitments and compromises... all in some way or other. Small and sometimes serious fights...ego clashes.... selfish attitude...over possessiveness...ignorance...gradual decline of love rate with the time and busy lives...paves our way for separation and this is how a relation moves time to time...but those who overcomes this.. battles all its pains and troubles...with full trust and faith on the strongness of your love...finally wins the battle...but just hold on...this battle is still not continues till a couple is together...actually it is a slow process of pleasure and sorrows...unitedly woven...It is a life long process until you value love... its preciousness.

Taking it to the end now...we can conclude that love is a really undefined can be felt for anyone...your friend...colleague... elder...junior...a complete stranger...or now a days with the modern trend coming also happens to grow in homosexuals.

Looking on the other side of this can also be termed as relational for your child.. parents.. friends.. brother.. sister .. relatives .. which all ties up with inborn and emotional bond take it as your responsibility...your natural love for them makes you more mature and responsible.

So overall...we can say that love, in whatever form it may be...tops the heart of every single will always feel happy thinking about whomsoever you love life and live it...I guarantee you will be the happiest person on this land...a real happy.

About Author / Additional Info:
Hi.. I am just a casual writer from the country of love...India

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