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Level Crossing Deaths - Train Crossing Accidents

BY: Priya Doraisami | Category: Issues | Submitted: 2010-04-29 05:38:08
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Article Summary: "This article is about level crossing deaths taking place in India especially in Tamil Nadu. I have personally witnessed a person being crushed by fast moving train..."

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Electric train journey has always been a fun for me even though I am using it daily. But it was until one day when I witnessed a person being crushed by fast moving train. That happened while I was on train, In my opposite track a man was trying to cross the track and suddenly his back head was crashed by the fast moving train.

I was devastated, even though I couldn't stop my train and help him, my thinking revolved around him all the day.

He might be a great father, husband, friend too.. but finally a person has lost his life might be by his mistake

In such type of accidents it is impossible to even figure out the identity since whole head will be crushed. By chance if he/ she possess any identity card it might help.

Wat a terrible part of these incidents are, some workers may come to take dead body who in turn will Literaly take away the Jewels or cash amount from that dead person. That is the most cunning and cruel part of human being I have witnessed.. It is really very sad and disgusting..

After filing FIR and all the formalities Families can get the dead body but it will be of no use..
In some cases if it is not possible to find the identity then nothing can help.

Anyway that accident has turned up my life .. Now a days feeling very bad and sad to travel through train.. anyway or other days will go and people will start going through the same track and forget .. again one more life will be gone it will continue until we think.

But what I feel is why can't we have a First Aid option or a doctor for the 2 stations so that a life can be saved...

But still I am using the same train with the memories of that Unknown friend...

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Hi This is Priya and I love to read and write articles

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hey piya, it's great to read this article i just wondered but also difficult the diagonise the fate of unknown person ALL D BEST KEEP WRITING MORE regards sridhar balasubramaniam natarajan 2010-05-07 07:22:51 128
Thanks Sridhar Priyadoraismai 2010-05-09 21:05:30 132
Its very good article priya. A proper pathway at needed place in station will minimize such kind of accident. its really good. Keep going... Prabhagaran 2010-08-06 05:41:11 270
This article really moves me. Necessary precautions should be taken by the Railways to avoid such accidents. Moreover people should obey the railway rules to have a safe journey. Thinking that they are saving 2 to 3 minutes walking over the railway stairs may even take their lives. This should always be kept in mind and we should educate the future generation. Vasumathi 2011-11-11 01:42:29 988
Hi Priya, Its good to read your article, it shows the carelessness of the individual (part of society) and a society cost a life, hope everyone will follow ur solution, expecting more good articles from you.. keep continue. Dharma 2012-02-24 08:05:01 1101

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