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Jesus Holy Human Teacher

BY: michael carvell | Category: Religion | Submitted: 2010-04-08 15:26:12
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Article Summary: "Jesus the only holy human teacher sin taker of all human life on earth..."

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God from Jesus is the worlds only human holy teachers of all all human free life should live on earth. Jesus was nailed to the cross the nails were seven eights of one inch three inches long through hands feet to teach about inhumanity on God earth.

Jesus was beaten tortured nailed to the cross from God came body blood of Christ into all human birth right life of God on earth. Jesus was the peace seeker among all human life yet religions nations make war on god earth.

Jesus forgive all human sin life born again yet religions degrade throw children people out of churches. The holy human teachings ways of God are free yet religions are high priced business of life. God freed all humanity to live as Jesus teaches yet no peace freedom healing freedom ever comes on earth. Jesus was resurrected on earth to teach God lives with all human life always yet no religions teaches this.

Jesus taught live died for the healing teaching love of God for all human life yet humanity has many different religious businesses on God earth. still billions of God children are left in hell holes without food water medical care. Hell of god children screaming dying rapes used degraded its time to bring all God sent Jesus to teach to all nations on God earth.

Jesus lived suffered died as mother Mary watched saying look at your child now. How many mothers fathers watch helplessly as God children suffering every day around the world? How many of God children die at the rate of thirty plus thousand a day life unto God through Jesus with out ever having lived God birth right with Jesus the holy spirit

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Jesus by god birth is the only holy human teacher of God for all humanity. Jesus healed taught healing freedom peace care yet war kills God children world wide. God children are used abuse raped hidden by religions this not God teachings of Jesus

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Throughout my early life I never visited any Church and made fun of people who believed in God. When I lost my son in an accident, I was broken and even started taking drugs. One day I was dragged by one of my friends to the church, who believed only Jesus can fix my woes. My life has totally changed, I am a much happier and a less materialistic person now. A sense of community is always with me. So, readers, what this author has written really means and can change your life too. Thanks (to Michael Carvell) for sharing all this valuable information. Alan 2010-04-09 13:18:32 84
thanks For God Jesus the holy spirit let my street life losses help share the truth God is with us always Jesus is of God we are the birth children of God thanks michael carvell - Author 2010-04-09 14:11:39 85

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