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Is Your Unprofessional E-mail Address Harming Your Resume?

BY: Tammana Sule | Category: Careers | Submitted: 2012-02-08 02:16:12
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Article Summary: "Some factors are important on your resume like the list of skills, your achievements, qualifications, etc. Personal details do not affect the impression resume makes. But if you have an unprofessional e-mail address on resume, then it creates a bad impression..."

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Although you know that your resume will not be completely read by the employer, it is important to write each section carefully. You may not know what faults employer may see in your application and reject it. Hence, every section in it should be carefully written and properly presented. Anything that can affect your application should be strictly avoided. The main purpose of resume is to get you to the job interview. If the details are not presented clearly and appear to be unprofessional, your application may get rejected. Now we will discuss about using the appropriate e-mail ID in your resume.

E-Mail ID in Resume:
Using the e-mail addresses based on your hobbies, nick names, sports, food, etc. will create a bad impression on the potential employer and appear to be unprofessional. Some employers may think that your unprofessional e-mail address is the indication of your immaturity as you don't separate your personal and professional lives and hence, you don't deserve a job. Some may even consider it as sheer laziness or lack of attention. Laziness and lack of attention can be enough reasons for the employer to reject your application.

The e-mail ID you use when you apply for jobs should appear to be professional. For example, if your name is Sandy McClain, you can have the professional email IDs as,,, etc. Such e-mail IDs will appear professional and impress the employers as it describes the complete name of the applicant and not his/her nick names or any other words.

Apart from the unprofessional looking e-mail addresses, there are many other things that job seekers include in their mail IDs and harm their applications. All these things should be avoided.
E-mail IDs with date of birth of the candidate will not make any sense and will make employer to think that you are still immature and unprofessional. Also using random numbers of jumbled alphabets will look like a spam. But you can use the number in combination with the alphabets for representing your email ID. For example, you can use,, etc.

Effect of Unprofessional E-mail Addresses on your Resume:
Unprofessional e-mail addresses don't really affect the quality of your application, but it can surely tend to be the reason for employer to reject your application if there is a strong competition for the job between deserving candidates. In this case, your e-mail address will obviously play a key role in deciding your future.
When employers go through your resume, they will initially see your contact information. In this part, you don't have control over name, address and contact number, but you surely have control over your e-mail address. You can make it look professional and impressive. Including your complete name in the email ID is the best way to make it impressive. Following are some important points to keep in mind when you are presenting your mail ID.

Keep it professional:
As discussed earlier, your mail ID must include your complete name. Such mail addresses will appear to be professional and impress the recruiters.

Show School Spirit:
Many schools provide the email addresses to student for long term use. Using mail IDs will show how much the applicant values education. This can benefit you further if you have graduated from a top ranked college and using the e-mail address of same college for job application.

It is recommended to use the simple but professional e-mail addresses. Anything other than this will harm the quality of your application and make it ineffective.

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