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Is Your Child Really Sick? Coping With a Terminally Ill Child

BY: S Edwin | Category: Issues | Submitted: 2010-04-09 10:06:02
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Article Summary: "A terminally ill child is a terrible thing to happen in a family, but when the situation arises, parents should be ready to handle the issue. Here is how to deal with the tragic situation......"

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A sick child is difficult to deal, for parents. As parents who have seen the child grow from a small baby into what the child has become, it is a great tragedy that the child even gets sick. If the child is terminally ill, then it is something that is unimaginable. No parent will ever think of the end for their child. All the dreams of the parents and their hopes and desires come crashing down when they hear the diagnosis of the child which is terminal in nature.

There are different methods that you can use, as parents, to cope with the diagnosis of a disease that is terminal in your child.

1. Be truthful to your child:

As a parent, the child expects you to be truthful, so you should be truthful to the child. If the child asks any questions about the disease, tell the truthful answer to the child. This will help the child to understand about the illness and be ready for any problems. Do not let the child have a false impression bout the disease. If the child hears something from another person and understands the truth, it will become a pathetic situation where the child does not believe you.

2. Do not display your emotions in front of the child:

Remember the child is too small to understand what you are going through. If you display your emotions in front of the child who is terminally ill, then the child will only get more confused and scared. Try to be calm and maintain your composure when you are with your child. This will actually help the child to cope better with the sickness.

3. Keep the child happy:

You should make sure that you keep the child happy. As a parent, all of us like our children to be happy at all times, but there are instances where something can go wrong and quarrels and fight start. If your child is terminally ill, do not think of the past and instead, be friendly with your child and keep the child happy.

4. Spend time with the child:

There are a few parents who use one of the defense mechanisms of the mind and try to live life normally, though they are very depressed at heart. As parents, you should not be like that and instead spend as much time as is possible with the child. This will make the child to be happy and later you will also have peace of mind and feel happy that you were able to spend a lot of time with your child.

These are some of the things that you have to remember when a situation arises where you have to cope with a terminally ill child. You can also help to make your child cope better by taking the child to groups of similarly ill patients so that your child does not feel abnormal and instead forges new friends. This will also give a lot of company and happiness to your child till the end.

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