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Importance of Organizational Psychology in Today's Changing World

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Article Summary: "The study of organizational psychology is gaining popularity amongst management students. The Aventis School of Management offers an exhaustive course on organizational psychology..."

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The health of an organization can be determined by the psychological state of its employees and the level of employee engagement in the organizations. When organization grows, so does its employees and as such it is important that the employees are prepared and trained to take on the building pressure of performing more to keep up with the growth of the organization. Organizational psychology, one of the fastest growing fields in the psychology discipline is gaining greater emphasis and attention by both industry practitioners and organizations alike.

What is Organizational Psychology?

Organizational Psychology is the science of people at work. Organizational psychologists specialize in analyzing the interaction between organization structure and practices with their people, and devising strategies to recruit, motivate, develop, change and inspire. I/O psychology is very important in the workplace for promoting productive worker attitudes and behaviors, managing work life balance, and also selecting and promoting candidates in the most effective manner. This is especially important in this fast-changing world whereby organizations are forced to continuously adapt and restructure to survive. Many of business schools offering MBA in Singapore are now offering study of organizational psychology in their curriculum.

Importance of Organizational Psychology

The study of organizational psychology mainly involves theories, research and study of workplace behavior of the employees. The key objectives of Organizational psychology is to help in enhancing employees' productivity and ensuring that people communicate amongst themselves to create a conducive working culture and environment within the workplace.

Certified Organizational Psychologist are highly sought after to help in team building, job realignment and formulating leadership succession planning. Organizational psychologists also serve as consultants and work in close association with the Human Resource executives to actively help the in job analysis, performance analysis, individual assessment and training evaluation.

Organizational Psychologist - A highly Rewarding Profession

Most organizational psychologists are now working with a growing number of corporate organizations and the demand for management students with the knowledge of organizational psychology are growing rapidly over the past decades. Keeping the growing demand in mind for professionals with knowledge in organizational psychology, the Universities in Singapore have incorporated organizational psychology in their advanced MBA courses such as Executive Master Programs. A growing number of business schools Singapore now offer comprehensive courses of organizational psychology in their management programs.

Studying organizational psychology in Aventis School of Management

Understanding the changing trend of business studies, Aventis School of Management has introduced a comprehensive course of organizational psychology in its curriculum which includes Executive Masters and Graduate Diploma in Organizational Psychology programs.

The following are the objectives that this course is trying to achieve.

The organizational psychology course of Aventis School of Management would give the student an idea about human behavior in the organizational dynamics and how it would affect the success of the organization.
Identifying and understanding of industrial challenges and formulating effective solutions for those.
Studying the importance of group dynamics and employee development within the organization.
Study and implementation of organizational psychology.
Formulating effective communication process in the organization and help with the decision making process.

Aventis Centre for Organizational Psychology

Aventis Centre for Organizational Psychology is an independent, non-profit organization, registered under Aventis School of Management. The centre is set up primarily to provide organizational capacity building and advisory services to organizations, students, IO Psychology practitioners and academics in Asia. The Centre specializes in process facilitation and the provision of advisory services that enhance organizational and team effectiveness as well as the competence of leaders by integrating the latest organizational framework with research findings to enhance learning and the management of change at all levels of system in a multi-cultural environment.

Aventis Centre for Organizational Psychology aims to address the growing demand for greater awareness and recognition of Industrial and Organizational Psychology Professionals in Asia. The centre strives to be the authoritative organization to serve the needs of IOP practitioners, academics and students who are keen to embark on an I-O Psychology education. Members of Aventis Centre for Organizational Psychology will gain access to a whole myriad of services including access to the latest research publications and articles, seminars, conferences, graduate education and professional development courses.

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Aventis School of Management is a leading graduate school base in Singapore dedicated to the success of working professionals across Asia. Through its collaboration with internationally renowned universities including City University of New York, Arcadia University and Louisville University, Aventis

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