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I Quit My Job

BY: Guest User | Category: Careers | Submitted: 2010-11-12 00:18:51
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Article Summary: "I still do not believe that I am quitting my job. The unemployment in my state of California is over 10%, then why the heck did I do this with no new job in hand..."

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I still do not believe that I resigned from my job. The unemployment in my state of California is over 10%, then why the heck did I do this with no new job in hand. Frankly I was totally sick and tired with doing the same think over and over again. I was like a lame duck who was learning nothing new and if indeed they laid me off some day without me prepared for it, I would be in a deep trouble. Then why did I kick the axe, was I scared that it was going to fall on me anyway. I have started to rationalize why I quit my job.

* I will be forced to look out for a new job which will be different from my old job, so at least it may be a bit more interesting.

* I have taken the responsibility of losing job myself, so there is no room of complaining or excuses. I will have to kick my butt and start some serious skill enhancement.

* I did not give job interviews while I was employed, that will likely be my biggest mistake.

* I have a strong feeling that 2 years from now I will be happy with my decision because I will be in a better position than I was in.

* My skill set is still in demand (somewhat), so my decision was not completely irrational. A new job will further streamline my skills rather than stagnate over time.

* I just have 6 months of unemployment benefits left, so I have a deadline.

* I had a "nice guy" reputation, so I will get good references from my ex-coworkers.

* Frankly, I do not recommend you to quit your job. I am one of those crazy people who takes life as a challenge and ready to mold myself as needed.

* Quitting the job will make me feel that I kicked the my corporate company and not vice-versa.

* I am single and I can take my chances. I do not have a family to worry about. This is one of those rare occasions when I feel lucky to be single.

* Sometimes you have to take things in your own hands.

* We live just once. Why live a life so that you just get by one more day and constantly feel like a slave. I decided to take my chances.

* I have descent savings, "thank you" myself for being frugal.

* I will start working on my future right away .. procrastination will not be tolerated.

* I was indeed analyzing my future prospects for a while, so the decision was not totally irrational.

* All coworkers kept criticizing the the company yet continued to work for years.

* Becoming a consultant is probably an option for me... or may be its too early for that.

* I might fail but I will keep trying.

* Yes it really hurts to be unemployed, I better get started after I finish this article.

* Thank God .. All my debts were paid of last year.

* I want to stop saying "Life Sucks" .. Wanna start saying "Life is beautiful"

* I have big dreams and a mediocre job will not fulfill them.

* I am in my senses ( I am not two drinks down my throat).

* There are several college dropouts who are millionaires now, may be I dropped my job for something good waiting in future.

* I have started to make sense of my decision. I do not feel a complete idiot now.

I may sound crazy for quitting my job.. but wish me GOOD LUCK !! Thanks for listening (rather reading).

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