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How to Prevent Kids From Getting Tips All the Time

BY: Dave Information | Category: Issues | Submitted: 2010-12-21 00:43:27
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Article Summary: "Kids like getting tips for chores. This can become a bad habit too. Learn how to prevent kids from getting tips all the time..."

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As a child we would have got tips for all the chores that we did around the house. After a few times of getting the tips, many of us started working just for the tips and then if there was a chore that did not have a tip, then we stopped doing that particular job. This is not the ideal situation that parents would want their children to do.

So, we come to the question as to whether it is good to prevent kids from getting tips all the time. If we think that it is good to prevent them from getting tips, then what are the methods of preventing them from getting the tips.

So lets face the first question first. Is it good to prevent the kids from getting tips. As always, the answer is yes and no. There are some good things that come out of having the kids getting the tips. The first thing is that the kids are able to complete a task, be it for reward or otherwise. This is the method in which we are making the child to learn to complete the task.

The other benefit from giving tips to the kids is that the child is able to learn all about earning money for a job done. This is what all of us are trying to do as adults. So, this is an important life lesson for the child. The child will be able to learn all about earning and when this is done, the child is able to also know what to do with the money. Some children save some of the money for times when they will need it. There are other kids who spend it immediately and then realize that they could have saved it for a rainy day. These too are important lessons in saving money. So, all these are possible when they are paid money for running errands or given tips.

There are some disadvantages too when the kids are given money when they start doing small jobs. The disadvantage and the problem comes when the kid start demanding money for doing simple chores around the house. Other than the demand for money, the kids may also stop doing the work when they are not given the tips. This is something that the kids should not be allowed to do.

As a parent or guardian, you should make sure that there are two different kinds of jobs. The one that gives the kids some incentive to complete the job and there should also be certain jobs that do not pay them any incentive. The kids should know about this too. They should be encouraged to do both of these jobs equally well. One method that will be very useful in them doing these jobs well is that you connect the performance of both kinds of jobs. If the child does not do a non paying job well, then the next paying job will not be paid for. This kind of connection between the paying as well as non paying job will ensure that the child does each of these jobs equally well. This is the best method that can be used to avoid kids getting tips for all the jobs they do. This will also teach them to look at all jobs with importance and complete it well.

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