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How to Interpret the Bible

BY: Alexander Major | Category: Religion | Submitted: 2010-05-23 18:35:28
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Article Summary: "Too many people have trouble interpreting the bible. This should not be. With a literal interpretation, the bible will be a lot easier to read..."

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How do I interpret the Bible?
By Alexander Major

Many people have trouble understanding the Bible.This is due to several contributing factors. First of all, ask God to open up your heart so you may have the wisdom it takes to understand his word. Without the Holy spirit we can do nothing. It is through this magnificent power in which we understand scripture.

There are predominantly two ways in which people interpret the Bible,Literally and Metaphorically. You MUST interpret the Bible literally because everything that the prophets prophesied in the old testament concerning Christ was fulfilled literally. It would only make common sense that the remainder of prophecies that have yet to be fulfilled will also be fulfilled in the same manner.
There is a group among people who take the bible metaphorically called preterits. They hold to the belief that Jesus's 2nd coming was a spiritual coming that occurred in AD 70. This was the same year that The Romans destroyed the 2nd Jewish temple They believe that the book of Revelation was written for it's own time period thus being a message to the Jews living during that time period. This is where the problem begins.

If the book of Revelation was written for its own time period, then i never remember hearing about 2/3 of the ocean water being turned into blood. I also don't recall studying about 50 pound hail stones destroying a large amount of the population in history class. I'm lost as to how the devil being locked up for 1000 years relates to AD 70. How plainer can it get? Jesus said that if his coming were postponed, no flesh would be saved. The world didn't get anywhere near total annihilation in AD 70. After all, God said he would bless those who read his word and obey it. How can we obey something that we don't understand? I think I've made my point that the Bible must be read from a literal standpoint. This is how the bible should be interpreted unless the context makes it clear otherwise.

About Author / Additional Info:
My name is Alexander Major, i am very interested in Bible Prophecy and eschatology.

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