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How to Improve Your English?

BY: Vivek SHARMA | Category: Self-Improvement | Submitted: 2012-01-26 05:02:55
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Article Summary: "The article highlights how can a person speak good English, even if the person is new to English Language..."

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English is a language which is spoken across the globe. It won't be improper to say that English has become a connecting language of the globe. The reasons are obvious. For almost three centuries now, Britan followed by USA dominated the global economy. Since English became language of trade and commerce, it spread very fast. Today people want to learn English. In India, Spoken English classes are very popular and people want to learn English because this gives them an easy access to job market, enhances social acceptance and helps them access the entire world through powerful medium of internet.

So how do you learn English, if you had your education in Hindi or any regional languages. It is not easy to learn English but believe me it is not rocket science either. You need to take some steps to learn English which can be summarized as follows:

1) Give Up Hesitation: Many people who start learning English, are very hesitant to speak English. They feel that if they commit mistake others who know English will laugh at them. Please note that learning anything new will result into mistakes and errors. Remember the days you started learning how to ride a bicycle. If you ever had the fear that you will fall down and hence you decided not to go ahead, you would have never learnt bicycle.

2) Read More and More: Read more and more of English. You can buy newspapers and read it from beginning to the end. Read editorial page as it has some quality English. Also carry a dictionary with you. Keep on revising new word that you have learnt. It makes sense to read dictionary when you are travelling. Sounds boring but will indeed help you.

3) Watch News and Movies: News and movies help to understand language better and grasp them faster. News program help to learn English words specific to different discipline. Like if you watch news you will learn many terms which are used in finance, medicine etc.

4) Never trust Spoken English Courses: These courses make money by offering you nothing. Please remember that nobody can teach you a language in a classroom. You need to practice and learn it yourself.

5) Refer a Standard Grammar Book: To learn a language, you need to understand grammar. It is hence required that you always refer to a standard grammar book. It will be advantageous if you refer to ,' Wren and Martin' book on English grammar to improve your grammar.

Please remember that there is no short cut way to learning any language. You must put effort consistently in order to learn English.

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the tips are certainly of use for those who aspire to be good communicators in english.spoken englsh cannot be acquired overnight.we have to work for it without being inhibited in any way.once we feel shy,we cant move even a little in our career.let us never think of committing mistakes and let us not assume that we have to be perfect at the outset.let there be aims that are marginal and we then improve upon what we have done initially.fluency does not mean being a chatter consists in revealing what is in the mind kamaraju pulugurtha - Author 2012-02-03 05:41:41 1060

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