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How to Entertain Oneself?

BY: Chitra D | Category: Entertainment | Submitted: 2010-11-30 10:58:07
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Article Summary: "At times, people find themselves trapped in the mania: how do I entertain myself? Sometimes you feel very bored, really bored at times like feeling you are doing the same thing at all the places and times..."

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At times, people find themselves trapped in the mania: how do I entertain myself? Sometimes you feel very bored, really bored at times like feeling you are doing the same thing at all the places and times. if same is happening to oneself, we need to be aware of the things and take a re-look at what we are doing? Actually boredom comes from a routine life.If we can at times make it a mystery and not plan then it would also lead to some sort of entertainment for us. Meaning there has to be something new , there has to be something active. Even if movie watching is an entertainment, if you do it regularly over a longer period of time, it becomes boring.So the activities need to be rejuvenating, new and you need to be freshly and alive. Infact , at times very mandane things like baby sitting, cooking, dusting, washing clothes can be fun. The necessity is not to take these things as responsibility but looking forward to doing these things in a fun way , for relaxing and rejuvenating oneself. So start here, a list of very mundane things which can recharge you:

a) Offer a helping hand to your mother in kitchen
b) Help father in weekly grocery shopping
c) Play with the young kids in your house garden/balcony or in the compund if you have one.
d) Try random sketching . Sometimes the sketches reflect the true picture of your thinking pattern at that point.
e) Have a combination of songs downloaded which you used to humm in bathroom when you were young and listen to them with deep feeling
f) Talk to an old friend and discuss about the good times you spent together.
g) Just try to reduce the clutter in you ( mental blocks) and around you ( physical cleanliness) .

All these seems to be way of random boredom keeling but at times it will provide you a good entertainment also because what is entertainment. Entertainment is something which soothes you mind, energizes you stamina, refreshes your soul and also relaxes your body. Once you do something out of your daily routine and that too in a fun way, that is anyway going to entertain you and you will be surprised to see the wave of positive enrgy flowing through you.

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