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How to Choose the Main Color of the Decorative Oil Paintings?

BY: Jane Brown | Category: Others | Submitted: 2010-06-18 22:54:59
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Article Summary: "Generally, the main colors and tone of oil paintings used for interior decor should be the same with the room, avoiding too strong and cold color which to contrast against warm harmonic..."

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Generally, the main colors and tone of oil paintings used for interior decor should be the same with the room, avoiding too strong and cold color which to contrast against warm harmonic. In white color of the room decoration, can be used with a variety of colors, warm and cold colors are appropriate, particularly in the most classic black and white combination, followed by warm and lively with bright decorative painting (such as red, yellow, orange) is also very exciting ; to gray-based colors of the room decorated with neutral or calm quiet can be black and white or cool colors of the decorative painting (such as blue, green); if the interior color is very stable, such as walnut color, you can select the High Ash , partial artistic decorative painting; stronger if the room light, wall picture can be biased towards the color, contrast, low light color of the room can be linked to fresh paint. Decorative painting color match than outside the walls and furniture should also pay attention to color matching, avoid strong color contrast (in addition to pursuit of avant-garde style of unique character in question), should match with the color series, but the colors and variations, to avoid monotony. Different color choice for different room is also very important.

1. Choose the suitable colors according to the different design styles of living room. A room with rural style should choose the oil paintings with red, yellow and green colors to express a natural flavor; oil paintings with silver gray, black, and white neutral tones for more modern and avant-garde style; oil paintings with walnut, old and yellow color for classical style multi-color to bring out the flavor of ancient rural ancient.

2. Bedroom is a place for rest, the picture selected should be with a function of making people fall asleep easily, never apply cold tone series or dazzling colors.

3. Restaurant should choose green or fresh and light colors which are appetizing.

4. Study is a place for reading and self-cultivation, the colors of the painting should be correspondingly quiet and calm colors like blue, green or cold colors and neutral colors.

5. Children's room should choose the paintings with red and yellow color to contrast the lively atmosphere of the room.

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