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How to Become a Physical Therapist?

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Article Summary: "How to become a Physical Therapist is a question that is commonly heard.To become a physical therapist, a person has to plan from the time of finishing school. The basic necessity for the person to study the Physical therapy course is that there should be a Biology course studied..."

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A physical therapist is a person who is able to use electrical therapy and exercise therapy in treating a patient. There are various kinds of patients who can be treated by any Physical therapist. People who are suffering from various kinds of disabilities can be treated by a therapist who is mainly involved in correcting the disabilities of the individual. The physical therapist uses various manual techniques, exercise and massage to treat a person.

Planning, decision making and education:

To become a physical therapist, a person has to plan from the time of finishing school. The basic necessity for the person to study the Physical therapy course is that there should be a Biology course studied. The person should do this course in school and in college. This is one of the most basic criterions.

Any person who has completed the initial schooling and relevant college can then apply to one of the many Physical therapy colleges. The Bachelor's level course is for a period of 4 years and the individual has to complete this education. The education that is imparted to the person as part of the course includes various subjects like Anatomy and Physiology. Other than this, the other aspects of the education include subjects like Massage therapy, exercise therapy and electrical therapy. All these are used in the various treatments of disease conditions.


After the basic education is over, the individual needs to complete a compulsory internship period. This may vary from place to place, but is usually for a period of either 6 months or it could be for a period of about one year. This is the time when the person is able to get hands on experience in treating patients. Though the patient care is given under supervision during the internship period, the person is a qualified therapist by this time and will be able to treat the patients single handedly.


The therapist may be able to make sure that the patients are cared for properly and adequately. This is the best method of ensuring success as a physical therapist. A successful physical therapist is a person who will be able to assess each and every patient so that the problem that they are suffering from is identified adequately. This is the first step in ensuring success as a therapist. After the assessment, the analysis of the assessment will help the person in formulating a treatment plan for each and every patient on an individual basis. Once the treatment plan is made, then the actual treatment is important too.

Treating the patient:

The treatment of the patient, is what sets one therapist from another in terms of success. Any therapist who is able to talk to the patient and listen to the patient will be successful. This along with the right treatment of using either massage, exercises or other therapies are very important. The treatment should be for the right amount of time. Any reduced therapy may not be effective in treating the person.

Many of the therapists are involved in pain relief for the patients. Some are involved in preventive therapies that help in preventing disabilities. Any person can become a physical therapist if they are able to complete the course, but the success is not so easy and the therapist has to be able to do the best in terms of treatment to be successful.

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