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How to Avoid a Nervous Oral Presentation

BY: kamaraju pulugurtha | Category: Self-Improvement | Submitted: 2012-10-01 08:03:51
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Article Summary: "Stage Fright can be avoided to a satisfactory extent with some previous preparation.Most speakers put up a dismal show just because they do not attend to some minor details and do not take care to prune themselves up for the occasion..."

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Not all people may be prone to nervousness at the time of an oral presentation. Some are frightened from the beginning and they look as if they are closest to their doom. They may spoil their entire show just because they are afraid at the wrong time. Many of us are intent upon making a more confident oral presentation, avoiding our stage fright. We wonder whether we may take a couple of tips from a personality expert and come out of the ordeal more to our satisfaction.

There is not one single problem behind our nervousness and a lack of thorough preparation can just be one of them. Sometimes we may suffer greatly due to our over-confidence. We move to the venue without equipping ourselves sufficiently and on standing on the dais, we may develop a fear to face the audience. We wonder whether we are really suited for a presentation and we also doubt our ability to survive the ordeal. Our fear tells upon our presentation which becomes a disaster.

Each of us who are making a presentation has the fear of being evaluated. There is a suspicion that we will be undervalued and we are condemned to face a loss of our image. With an increasing fear, we falter in our presentation. We may receive such a failure which is not normally anticipated and unnecessary. It is a pity that there is a failure when success is fully deserved.

That the speaker is frightened is evident to himself, but not to the audience. Our problems on the stage are mostly imaginary. We must have a feeling of confidence in our ability and ease from the time we stand before the audience. We have to motivate ourselves in such a way that we enjoy our presentation. None among the audience is an enemy and hence, it is totally incorrect to consider those in attendance as our sworn enemies,

It may be a very good idea to memorize the first few lines of our presentation. It is bad at the same time to jump into the theme under presentation at the point of starting itself. A couple of minutes of deviation from the main theme are a big help and they will give us a chance to reach a point of mental stability and we will have more of a psychological strength. We should also avoid speaking too quickly. According to an estimate, a good number of people are partially deaf and so; let us try to be clearer and a bit louder. With a bit of attention to some minor details and a scrupulous preparation for the occasion, there is every chance of our coming out entirely to our satisfaction.

About Author / Additional Info:
The Author works as an Associate Professor at Khammam Institute of Technology and Sciences ,KITS,Khammam.

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The Author had given valuable information .it is useful to all I am also fasing the problem in oral presentations .next time onwards i follow his tips and come out from nervousness in presentatios. R.VIJAYA LAKSHMI 2012-10-02 01:47:20 1513
I am quite happy my article has received your attention.It adds to my spirit and makes me do some more good work. kamaraju pulugurtha - Author 2012-10-03 05:52:55 1518

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