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How to Avoid Misunderstanding With Your Man

BY: Jessica Lena | Category: Relationships | Submitted: 2010-07-19 19:40:50
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Article Summary: "Some information about understand man, avoid misunderstanding with man, keep good with your man..."

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How many times have you heard on the news about celebrities breaking up or filing for divorce because of misunderstanding? In fact, how many people have broken up simply because they do not understand each other? Women do not find men as an understanding being and vice versa. It seems like it will take forever for women to understand how a man's brain works. Here are ways for you to avoid misunderstanding or arguments especially if you are a couple.

Never strike a conversation if he is not interested. For women, if you feel like you need to talk to your guy about what happened to your friend, and he begins to sound uninterested. Do not take it seriously. Give him time on his own. He does not need to listen to whatever your friend has been through. Although he does genuinely care about your friend, he is just not that interested. If you talk to him and he keeps on switching the channels or picks up a book, he is not interested.

If you see that your man is looking at other women, do not instantly nag him off. Men are built that way. They will always look at other women. Be thankful that he is just looking at another woman than taking her to bed. If he looks at other women for a while and return his sight on you, just ignore the fact that he just saw another woman.

If your man wants to get out to be with his friends and watch football, let him. Do not try to control his social life. They love to escape from home once in a while and controlling them will only result into an argument. Try to do your own time when he is out. Have your friends over for coffee and talk or just simply clean the house if he is not home.

Never nag him for something he does not want to do. Men do not bode well with multitasking therefore they do not want to work at all. Nagging will only put him in a defensive mode and will soon start off an argument. Keep it cool. For more advice, you can go

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