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How You Can Help Sea Turtles?

BY: jennifer jones | Category: Nature | Submitted: 2011-02-19 02:40:34
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Article Summary: "You can do something to help sea turtles like turn off the flashlight when you walk on the beach; pick up the trash in the ocean;pay attention to the nesting area. But the best one is to be volunteer..."

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Maybe you think you can hardly contact sea turtles, so all you life is not relative with sea turtles. If it is what you think, you are wrong. Because your behavior also can affect sea turtle's health. So, how can you do to help sea turtles?

All you can do is start from the things arround you.

First, turn off the flashlight when you walk on the beach. Because your flashlight will affect sea turtles. Sea turtles use the light from the moon to find the way back to ocean. This flashlight will confused them and make them to get lose.

Second, when you walk on the beach, if you see some trash in the ocean or someone is pouring garbage to the ocean, you can pick it up or tell her/him don't do that. Because the ocean is the sea turtle's home, if the water is pollution, they will get ill or die because they eat the trash by mistaken.

Third, pay attention to the nesting area. There will have some eggs in the nesting area, or the mother sea turtles must be laying there, so don't near to there, you will scared them or hurt the eggs by mistaken. If the mother sea turtles see you, their will feel frighten and give up to lay, and then back to the ocean. It will be harm for its body.

Forth, reduce to use some harmful chemicals. Because the chemicals you use may pollute the water, and then the water may finally back to the ocean, this chemicals will do harm to sea turtles.
The last and the best one, to be vonlunteer! If you want to make your life difference and want to help sea turtles out of danger, you can be a volunteer to help them and let you gain more experience of aid. Most people are wonder how to be volunteer, it's easy. There are a lot of organizations about volunteer, you need to know which aspect this organization focus on. But if you want to be the volunteer who is engage in saving sea turtles, seaturtles911 can meet you needs.

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