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How Parents Can Deal With Children Sibling Rivalry?

BY: David Prakash Kumar | Category: Relationships | Submitted: 2010-04-30 23:11:54
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Article Summary: "Sibling rivalry can be seen in many families where there are kids of nearly the same age. The parents have a tough time dealing with this. Read on to know what you can do about it..."

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Sibling rivalry is one of the common problems that parents have to face in their children. There are many children who are of the same age group and they create a great ruckus in the family because of their arguments, quarrels and fights. The main reason for all these is the rivalry between eh siblings. There are times when the kids are not fighting and at those times they are very quiet and friendly. This is very surprising for most of the parents because as adults, all of us carry a grudge for a long time, but the kids seem to fight and then become normal again.

The parents should understand that this is a normal phenomenon. They should give the children time to get normal and then intervene. There are certain methods that the parents should use to deal with the children and these will help the parents to have a great time with the children.

1. Never take sides:

Sibling rivalry is normal and as parents you should realize this. You should never take sides when your kids are fighting. If you ever take sides, then you would have become biased and one child whose side you did not take will not believe you after that. On the other hand, the child who you took the side of, will think that you will always take his or her side and this complicates matters.

2. Do not try to intervene:

As a parent, you may be tempted to stop the quarrels and arguments between your kids, but you should realize that it is better not to take sides. If you take sides or even intervene, then it means that you have crossed a limit. You should only intervene when the quarrel is starting to get dirty with unwanted words being spoken. Similarly, you should intervene when they are starting to hit each other.

3. Punishment:

Any kind of punishment may not really make the kids to stop their rivalry and a healthy rivalry in certain matters are in fact good as it will help the people to get better in their studies or other activities as they compete with each other. The punishment that you should give should also not be very harsh. There are simple punishments that can solve the problem. These include methods like telling the kids to have a period of time out when they are told to go to their room and sit quietly. There are also other methods that you can use to make sure that the kids do not fight again.

4. Counseling:

If the kids are beyond the limit and you think that they are not getting to normal stage as they grow old, then you should counsel each of them. Try to get more information from professionals on the behavior of your children and then you can try to make them become normal.

These are the common things about sibling rivalry that each and every parent needs to know so that they can deal with it successfully.

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the topic discussed here is good but i believe more than in younger kids its a big issue when these fights and quarrels happen amongst elder kids on verge of getting married.... and parents intervene taking sides of either one of the 2.... And if amongst kids of different genders parents being biased to support their sons who'll take care of them in longer run against daughters on verge of marriage and to adjust in a new family. your point of view??? Ashna 2010-07-04 03:20:08 208

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