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How Husbands Can Take Care of a Pregnant Wife

BY: Sathish k Paul | Category: Relationships | Submitted: 2010-10-31 19:02:46
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Article Summary: "Is your wife pregnant? The husband should be very supportive to the wife during pregnancy. Tips on how to take care of your wife..."

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Pregnant women are very different from the women the husband married! The reason for this is that the woman has a lot of changes that she undergoes during the time of pregnancy. The woman will be suffering a great deal because of the lack of self image. She will find herself becoming bigger by the day. This usually makes women depressed. They are also depressed because of the hormonal changes that occur in their body. The woman will have mood swings too because of the changes in the hormone levels in the body.

There will be so many changes that the husband will feel lost. There are some things that the husband can do to make the wife to be happier and feel cared for. This article discusses all that a husband can do to help the wife during this hectic period.

Helping her:

The husband can try to help the wife in small chores in and around the kitchen. This is sure to bring a great deal of change to the way they have a relationship. The husband can try his hand at cooking and get the food ready on a day when she finds it really hard to work in the kitchen. He may also get food from outside one day and take her out on another!

Complimenting her:

This is one thing that the wife will not be expecting from her husband. Complements will be very rare for her because she will be increasing in size. The minute the husband compliments her, she will be very happy about it. This is one way in which the husband can try to get the wife to become happier during the time of pregnancy.

Sexual relationship:

Many couples think that sexual relationships should be avoided during the time of pregnancy. This is not true. The couple can have sexual relationships. There can be contra indication to sex in certain situations where the pregnancy itself is a risky affair, in some cases.

Talking to the wife:

This is something simple, but this can make a great impact on the wife. The couple need to spend time with each other. As the time spent with each other increases, the pregnant lady will be able to become less stressed. Pregnancy is a highly stressful period as it causes a lot of changes in the body. To get over these changes, the lady and the husband need to talk to each other every day. Spending time and talking with each other will help in reducing the stress for the woman.

Taking to the check up:

The pregnant woman will need regular checkups with the doctor. The husband should make sure that he is able to take the wife for regular checkups. This will help the wife to feel better as some of the times, the tests can be painful and she will be happy and confident when the husband is nearby. This is something that every husband needs to do. Accompanying the wife during the pregnancy checkups, also called as ante natal check up is a wonderful gesture on the part of the husband who will be indirectly saying that he cares for the wife.

Help in medications:

The pregnant woman needs to take a lot of medications during the pregnancy and the husband should help in these too. All this will help the pregnancy period to be a time of rediscovering each other.

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