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Home Schooling: Is it an Option Worth Pursuing?

BY: Anisa Author | Category: Education | Submitted: 2011-01-17 04:19:53
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Article Summary: "Many people are today opting for homeschooling and it is increasingly becoming part of the culture in our society. Read on to know if it is an option worth pursuing!.."

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Many people are today opting for homeschooling and it is increasingly becoming part of the culture in our society. Parents believe that children become mannered and well-bred if they are taught from home. It is viewed as rather unconventional by many and has the advantage of being less expensive compared to normal schooling education. Critics of homeschooling have reviled this system of schooling for not teaching the children to interact socially with their age mates. Proponents however, point out that homeschooled children are more confident and do not have to struggle to fit in the norm of society and schooling. They add that kids are not exposed to bad habits and substance abuse if they are homeschooled. For parents who are considering homeschooling their children, it is important to know the parameters of homeschooling first, to determine if you are going to manage. Here are some of the parameters of homeschooling.

First, this is a unique way of schooling the children and they will require a lot of attention. Naturally, children who are four to five years of age will require a lot of attention and homeschooling is one way of ensuring they get it. But inability to provide attention will lead to wrong child brought up which the child will suffer in future. It is important to make sure the child learns the basics of school at the right age and if you choose homeschooling it is only possible by providing him right attention. For example, by the time he is five years old, he should be able to count and express himself well. As a parent, are you able to provide this attention and to momentarily become the teacher as opposed to the parent? It is important to answer this question as honestly as you can. If you are always busy, consider the conventional way of schooling your children.

Always learn how your child interacts with those of his age in the neighborhood. Is he comfortable being homeschooled or is he itching to get out into the real world? Does he always want to be with his friends? This may be a sign that he does not want to be homeschooled. A wise parent may combine homeschooling and conventional schooling and allow the child to determine which among them is best for him. Mothers are best at learning the mannerisms of their children but fathers have been known to do the same quite as well.

Always make sure you allow your kids to interact with others of the same league; that is those who are being homeschooled. Having a local organization of homeschooling parents will help a lot to organize yourself and the things you want your children to learn. Homeschooling has the advantage of helping introverts to come out of their boxes and develop high self esteem.

Talent development is very important because everyone follows the path of talent at one time or the other. Once you have noticed the talent in your child, develop it as much as possible and give the child all he needs to ensure the talent is developed. As soon as you decide that you want to home school your child, make sure you have included his personality and environment in making the decision.

It is important to be aware of the fact that it is difficult for parents to play both the role of teacher and parent at the same time because it is a natural child behavior that he listens less to the parents as compared to teacher as they both have different roles and places. So decide between home or conventional schooling after knowing whether you can play these two roles easily or not. Whatever you decide for your child make sure you have analyzed all aspects because after all it's about your child's career and future life. If you missed any aspects while making decision and choosing between home schooling and conventional one, your child's future may suffer. See that whether or not your decision is affecting your child's social skills or making him/her away from people and outer world, if so it's better to go for conventional way of schooling because after all your child has to live in this world where he has to face people for which interacting is very important.

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