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Hair Fall in Men: The Various Causes For It

BY: Jo Justin | Category: Men | Submitted: 2010-03-07 23:56:53
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Article Summary: "Hair fall in men can be a very frustrating problem. Learn all about the various causes for this problem so that you can prevent it..."

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Hair fall in men is one of the most common conditions that are seen around us. Some people consider hair fall to be a sign of intelligence. On the other hand, it is a condition that causes a lot of decrease in the confidence in men and also causes them to feel depressed. There are many men who even have hair fall at a very young age and it is something that makes them very unhappy.

There are various causes of hair fall in men and they are as follows:

1. Stress:

Stress is one of the most common causes of hair fall. There are many men who have had hair fall occur due to the sudden increase in stress in their life. The stress that causes the hair fall could be the work related stress. It should also be the family related stress. Any kind of stress can cause increased hair fall in men.

2. Hair treatments:

There are many men who have their hair treated to make hair in different colors. This is another of the common causes of hair fall. Many men who are very interested in having different looks, start playing with their hair without knowing the consequences. The result is hair fall at a very young age. This is the reason men should detest from treating their hair.

3. Use of chemicals:

The other most common cause of hair fall is the excess use of chemicals on the hair. These chemicals can be the excessive use of shampoo that is very strong in nature. Other than the shampoos that are used, there are other kinds of chemicals that can come in contact with the hair. This occurs in times of trying to bleach the hair. All the chemicals that are used on the hair affect the roots of the hair and this causes the weakening of the hair. The weak roots give way very frequently and this in turn causes the hair to fall.

4. Poor diet:

The diet that the person consumes is another cause of the increased hair fall. The person should consume food that is rich in various nutrients like vitamins and also minerals. These will help to make sure that the hair is strong and they do not fall easily. On the other hand, if the person consumes junk food that has no nutrients and minerals, then that too can cause the person to have increased hair fall.

5. The water used to wash the hair:

The change in the water that is used to wash the hair is another cause of the person to lose the hair. The reason of this is that the water can contain some chemicals that cause the person to lose hair.

6. Extreme exposure to sun:

The person who is out in the sun for a long time can also have hair loss because of the extreme exposure to the rays.

These are the various common causes for hair loss that have been common in men.

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