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God is Our Holy Bhuman Life on Earth From Birth

BY: michael carvell | Category: Religion | Submitted: 2010-04-11 14:34:20
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Article Summary: "we are God birth right holy human life in all nations religions on God earth.."

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God Jesus the holy spirit we are all the human holy birth right of God in all the world. God is our human right to human life peace freedom share in all Jesus teaches of God great human freedom peace on earth. The love of God is you your children Jesus the holy human future of the whole human race.
God comes among humanity with freedom give with Jesus death tow thousand years ago yet still all people are not free on earth. There is no human right on this earth that allows God truth birth freedom peace to be taken from the human race in any nation on God earth.

The holy human love life of God Jesus the holy spirit is you god given freedom to live free in human rights life peace birth dignity. God Jesus are the freedom birth peace of life from Africa the Middle East to Asia to America top earth. The love of God sent Jesus into all nations teaching for all people care heal house share all human life.

The holy human truth of God Jesus the holy spirit is the whole human race whether your name is Susan or cliff. The birth right of God seeks to bring all god children to Jesus birth teachings of all human life in the holy human spirit.

We are all the children of God Jesus the holy spirit in all nations families on earth is the truth love birth of God children. The holy human truth birth of God Jesus in not in nations religions in your children you will see god innocents of God Birth right children world wide.
stop letting God Jesus the holy spirit be passed from human religion to human religion making your children kill hate each other on God earth.

Your children are born of God in all the world with Jesus the holy spirit of all human life this Your birth right by God in Jesus the holy spirit. Seek with God Jesus the holy spirit the human holy birth right truth before all religions unto the creation of earth humanity. Trace the life love freedom life of God Jesus died for please its your birth right to God no matter what race nation or religions

Time in this gone wrong world to bring us all unto God Jesus the holy spirit find birth right holy human truth your God given human freedom of all people. Reach out into all human life God Jesus the holy spirit want peace freedom human rights thoughts love life freedom in all the world. God Jesus the holy spirit have given holy human birth to every children ever born on earth.
Seek all in this world that brings us all world wide home to our holy father the lord God Jesus the holy human teacher the light of our holy human spirit in all the world.

About Author / Additional Info:
in holy human birth right truth love life God Jesus the holy spirit are freedom peace for all human life on earth. Come share in God holy human love life with Jesus the spirit freedom over the life you see on earth today. The love of God gave life to all people lets bring all unto God Jesus. Amen

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Just love your readings man .. God bless you Alex 2010-04-11 20:47:26 87
thanks god bless you mike michael carvell - Author 2010-04-12 08:24:54 94

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