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Global Warming - Causes and Effects

BY: Bindu Bharathi | Category: Health | Submitted: 2014-02-24 10:33:35
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Article Summary: "Global warming is the most challenging problem faced by the people. Directly or indirectly we all are responsible for this issue. Ozone layer depletion is the most common reason for this problem. Ozone layer will act as an umbrella, and it will protect us from direct sun light and from different types of radiation. Another reas.."

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Author: Bindu Bharathi MSN, BSN, RN, RM.
Lecturer, Faculty of Nursing, Northern Border University, Saudi Arabia.


Global warming is the most challenging problem faced by the people. Directly or indirectly we all are responsible for this issue. Ozone layer depletion is the most common reason for this problem. Ozone layer will act as an umbrella, and it will protect us from direct sun light and from different types of radiation. Another reason is that increased concentration of Green House Gases in the atmosphere, so it may leads to increase in atmospheric temperature. If the temperature is increasing dramatically; it may dangerously affect the lives of plants and animals, especially on mankind. Therefore we all will work together to protect and preserve our nation from global warming.

In India, very recently some of the people were exposed to heat stroke, while they were near to river. Before that we are just heard about heat stroke, but now we all are experiencing heat stroke because of increased atmospheric temperature. At that time people don't know the exact reason for heat stroke. After some time only they realized that this is the impact of global warming. This may occur everybody, so we have to take precaution to protect and preserve our nature.


Industrialization, urbanization, deforestation, vehicular traffic, nuclear explosion, use of chemical fertilizers and burning of fossil fuel, all these human activities leads to climate change. Especially it affect on food, water and air. Burning of fuels cause air pollution by increasing the concentration of Carbon dioxide (CO2), Nitrous oxide (N2O) , Methane (NH4), Chlorofluorocarbons and depletion of ozone layer in the earth's atmosphere. These gases trap sufficient heat, coming from the sun, to sustain life on earth. These prevent the heat from being radiated out. Thus they act like glass of green house. Therefore they are called as "Green House Gases" (GHGs). Without green house effect, life would not be having been existed on earth. The earth's overall surface temperature is 150Cand it is being maintained by the carbon cycle and the ecological system. Accumulation of these GHGs in the atmosphere results in trapping more heat and rise of the surface temperature of the earth. This effect is called as "Global warming". So our life and health will be danger.


Few years back we heard that some of the natural disasters like acid rain, disappearance of well, sudden overflow of water from the well etc. Do you think that what will be the reason for this type of natural changes? Yes of course it is the nature's mechanism to maintain the equilibrium or balance.

• Acid rain
• Shift in hydrological cycle
• Effect on glaciers
• Air pollution
• Disturbances of ecological system
• Ozone depletion

The Sulphuric Acid (SO2) and Nitrous Oxide (NO2 ) coming from the industries combine with Oxygen and moisture of the air and from dilute mixture of Sulphuric acid, Nitric acid and Carbonic acid in the clouds. So acid rain will occur.

   ♦ Effects

Destruction of food crops, Deforestation (Dense forest become scrub jungles), Desertification, Erosion of soil, Acidification of aquatic life


• Effects

Reduction in the quality and availability of drinking water, Reduction in the productivity of land, Favoring of draughts and famines, increased incidence of malnutrition


• Effects

Melting of solar icecaps, Retreat of glaciers, Rise a sea levels (Floods and Disappearance of Islands), Inundation of coastal areas and threatening the life of coastal people, Degradation of surface water quality, favoring waterborne epidemics.


• Effects

Respiratory diseases (Allergic, Infectious and carcinogenic), Decreased vital capacity of lungs, Animals become weak, Destruction of historical monuments, Heat waves, heat stress, Smog formation in valleys


• Effects

Increased frequency of natural disasters (rainstorm, hurricanes, Floods, Cyclone etc), Incidence of vector borne diseases, Destruction of coral reefs, Economic loss


Ozone layer acts as the barrier to the harmful effects of UV rays. Depletion of ozone layer allows harmful rays from the sun.

• Effects √† Skin cancer and cataracts


• Natural disasters
• Terrorism
• Increased population growth
• Displacement and migration of people


• Global Warming is unequivocal
• The effects on global climate system is abrupt or irreversible
• Causing more frequent and more intense heat waves, rain storms, tropical cyclones, tidal surges
• Food and water shortage
• All these leads to human health security and cost lives
• Our planet is in crisis and danger
• Human species may become extinct
• We use our intellectual forces towards off climate change and to achieve our continued existence on this planet. We have to work for carbon neutral world and bring Net zero carbon emission√† It is the time to act.


• Encourage greeneries √† they act as most effect carbon sinks
• Opt electric cars, which are emission free and eco friendly, save fuel.
• Tap the sun and use solar power plants
• Encourage community biogas plants, which prevent the use of firewood
• Beat the wind by wind mill to obtain power supply
• Improve water harvesting system
• Save the wet lands to recharge ground water. They help to preserve flora and fauna
• Use solar lantern for rural home lighting
• Mitigate disasters
• Ban the plastic bags, use eco friendly bags
• Avoid leisurely car drives and walk as much as possible
• Save the rivers from sewage and industrial waste
• Save Himalayas
• Avoid using papers and use E-mail, so that trees can be saved.
• Use bicycle, which is a zero pollution vehicles.

Global warming will affect global health and also it lead to natural disasters. So as a health person take initiative to prevent global warming by prevention of GHGs and start to maintain greeneries. Reduce the use of motor vehicles encourage to use bicycles.

"One Planet One Family"

We have to save our Beautiful Planet Earth

About Author / Additional Info:
Bindu Bharathi MSN, BSN, RN, RM
Lecturer, Faculty of Nursing
Northern Border University
Saudi Arabia

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I think this article is misguided. Human mankind is too small of a consequence to the history of earth. If there is any changes noticiable, its our assumption that CO2 emissions causing it as major cause which may be absolutely false. Kaushik 2014-04-05 05:04:30 2042

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