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Getting New Garage Door Designs

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Article Summary: "In this Fresno, California neighborhood, many of the homes have older garage doors that flip out to open. When this homeowner saw that one of the three garage doors she had was malfunctioning, she started to look for a new one..."

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It's funny how the flip out garage doors in Fresno, California are still functional. This house-owner went in search of a new garage door when one of hers started to act up. While she was looking for a new door, the second door stopped working.

She confessed the garage doors were old fashioned and along with the garage doors, she decided to get new windows as well. Inside the house, she said there were crank out windows. According to her, both inside the house and on the garage door, the windows should match. She wanted her house to have a uniform look and good illumination. Finally, she found the windows for her garage door resembling the ones on her house.

Shopping for garage doors isn't a simple and easy task. While searching for the correct garage door, the sheer number of options will confuse you. Depending on the look of the home, you can go with a lot of different styles. Sectional garage doors are for single or double cars (about eight feet in height) and recreational vehicles (about fourteen feet) and both variants have three to four panels.

Cable pulleys are used to fix torsion springs on top of these doors while there are rollers fixed to door to make the movement easier. Picking up the doors becomes a much easier task because of the springs.

If you want to actually use the garage door the door opening should have an overhead clearance of a minimum of fifteen inches. The track can be made to fit inside a lesser length of an overhead space by using a conversion kit.

These sectional garage doors are usually made of steel with aluminum and copper being the other chief metals used. The metallic variety of garage doors can be of any or all of the following types, without windows, with sculpturing done on the panel or may be using some hardware to decorate it.

The range of steel garage doors starts from about $500 to $600 for the basic non insulated variety with 25 gauges. For garage doors made of wood, the main types used in their manufacture are composite wood and solid wood. The starting price for the composite wood garage doors is about $1000 to $2000 whereas for the solid wood the price may start from $2700 to $3750.

The main advantage of composite wooden doors is that they are not artificial but actual wood. By virtue of being actual wood, composite doors need to be maintained more often. The primer is applied on the garage doors as they are made so it is not to be repeated and painting is all that is required. Staining of solid wood doors is possible as they do not always come primered. Repainting of the doors is required very less, as less as one time in three years.

Some people do not like windows as they are a threat to the privacy. Another option is using frosted glass or tinted glass. The window becomes translucent and though light is permitted through the glass, the image isn't visible. The windows on your garage door will be helpful for you in more ways than one.

Since the garage is located in the front of the house the windows are like face of the house.

The two most common classifications of window panels are made on the basis of their length with the short panels of twelve and twenty four inches and the long one of thirty six inches. These windows are available in a host of styles with decorative designing on some to make them appear like leaded glass. Manufacturers now also give the option of getting acrylic windows instead of glass windows.

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