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Foods That Have to Be Avoided by a Diabetic Patient

BY: Jo Justin | Category: Food | Submitted: 2010-02-28 07:29:47
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There are various foods that have to be avoided by a person who is a diabetic. The reason for this is that as a diabetic, the person should be doing regular exercise and also decreasing the intake of foods that are rich in calories. There are many people who are suffering from this killer disease. It is usually a silent disease where there are no signs and also symptoms in many people and the disease itself is diagnosed during a routine examination.

As the person has to avoid certain foods that are rich in calories, many people think that only sweets need to be avoided in order to reduce the intake of calories. This is a very wrong idea. One has to make sure that a lot of foods that are rich in any fat should be avoided. This does not mean only those that are fattening. All the foods that contain high amounts of oil or butter should be avoided too.

The foods that are commonly classified into this category are as follows:


A person should not consume a lot of colas as they contain only sugar and carbonated water. Colas are very damaging to the health. The reason for this is that they are very rich in calories. This makes one to have a sudden increase in the glucose levels in the blood that causes the person to have various complications.


Sweets are a complete no-no for those who are diabetic. The reason for this is that those who are diabetic will also have a sudden rise in the glucose levels in the body when sweets are consumed. This is the reason for avoiding sweets.

Ice creams:

Ice creams are to be strictly avoided by a person who is diabetic. The reason for this is that ice creams contain a lot of high calorie foods including cream and also sugar. This can cause the person to have a sudden increase in the glucose levels in the body and it can also cause the calories in the body to increase leading to the deposition of fat.

High calorie foods:

There are a lot of other high calorie foods that have to be avoided by the person. These include foods that have been fried before they are consumed. The reason for this is that the person who consumes high calorie foods have a high risk of these calories causing increased fat in the body and this in turn can cause the person to be at a high risk of diseases like cholesterol.

These are some of the foods that have to be avoided by the diabetic person. Foods that contain low calories and low content of sugar in it are good for the health of the person. This includes foods like fruits and vegetables that are very good for health because of their low calorie count and also because they contain a lot of nutrients that are very good for the health.

The diet of a diabetic person is very important to control increasing sugar levels and the above diet will help to do so.

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