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Factors That Affect Flirting With Women

BY: Jessica Lena | Category: Relationships | Submitted: 2010-07-19 19:45:36
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Article Summary: "Some factors about affect flirting with woman, know how to flirt with woman properly..."

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As they say, flirting is an art. Women are the canvas and that men are the painters. There are a lot of ways for men to express their art to their canvas but there are also rules that revolve around them. There are also factors that tend to affect how a man would be able to flirt with a woman. Here are just some of them.

Environmental factor - The environment or your surrounding would greatly affect on how you can flirt with women. If you are in a crowded place like a bar, there will be a lot of chance for you to flirt with a woman but, there will also be a large percentage wherein you will have competition. Some women will not be available and yet, you might want to flirt with them. This should not be the case. Step back and have a look around. See if the woman you are eyeing is either alone or do not have any significant other. Once you have homed in on your target, flash that smile and the rest is history.

Physical factor - It is accepted that not all men are born with good looks. But, it should not discourage you not to flirt. You have a good chance to flirt with someone if you have good looks but what about those who do not? Although not all men do not have good looks, you can still look good by being yourself. Pamper yourself by taking a bath, clean up, freshen up, and suit up.

Social factor - The way you talk can also be a factor that will affect on how you can flirt with women. Conversations should not be about compliments alone. It is okay to compliment someone while you flirting. But, it should be about having fun, about teasing subtly, and all about enjoying yourself and your woman's company through conversations and through body language.

Flirting can have boundaries but the factors that revolve around it should not stop you from doing so. But, reminder though, these boundaries were created for a reason. Make sure you follow the line and never go beyond it. Go deep about flirt with woman, visit

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