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Factors Causing Deterioration of Values

BY: Liyakat Shah | Category: Relationships | Submitted: 2012-06-15 17:52:03
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Article Summary: "With increasing Education, awareness in people is increasing. They are not taking values by their face value. In this process many values are discarded as blind faith or superstition.."

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Factors Causing Deterioration of Values

If we have to classify the factors causing the deterioration of values, we will have to say that this happening is due to financial, personal, family, social, cultural and educational as well as superstition factors.

In present time, due to increasing competition, the survival has become difficult especially in the metros cities. This is causing increasing financial pressures and people are forced to keep away the values in order to survive or grow in their profession. This can be termed as a financial factor deteriorating values.

When people settle at a new place with family, the value systems they have learned earlier, clashes with value system of new surroundings. Also when we have such migrated people around, we experience a clash of values as we interact with them. Then the confusion about deciding what is right and what is not causes deterioration of values. This is personal factor.

There are families where the values are so forcibly inculcated that as soon as the force is over due to the loss of the value forcing people who have been following these values out of force just drop them like a hot cake. Then such families do not even take the trouble to inculcate values in their children. This family factor deteriorating values.

We have already seen the social factor earlier, when we saw that values are changing due to the reducing distance between cultures within the country as well as between cross-country cultures. This factor can also be treated as a cultural factor, deteriorating values.

With increasing Education, awareness in people is increasing. They are not taking values by their face value. In this process many values are discarded as blind faith or superstition.

In fact, superstition is one of the factors that make people give up values. As the education level in people is increasing the level of trusting anything because elders say so is decreasing. Now even a three year old child wants to know why he has to do certain thing. But the way in which most of us have been given the values does not have any explanations to many logical questions. The actual reasons behind those actions may be logical but we are not aware of it, as we call them as superstitions and drop those values.

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