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Eve-Teasing and Adam-Teasing Amongst College Students

BY: Nehaa guptaa | Category: Issues | Submitted: 2010-04-25 05:04:43
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Article Summary: "A comparative study was carried out to find the status of eve teasing (verbal, physical, visual) and Adam teasing (verbal, physical, and visual) in non co-educational higher education institutions. The sample of 200 students (100 young men and 100 young women) were selected at random and were introduced a pre-structured quest.."

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In India when we talk about eve teasing we only think of females but this is absolutely wrong. The way females faces eve teasing, in the same way men faces Adam teasing. Eve teasing is harassment or molestation of women by men in general. For public sexual harassment, street harassment or molestation of women by men, with Eve being a reference to the biblical Eve (Grant Barrett 2006).In the same way we define Adam teasing as the molestation of men by women. This popular perception of harassment posits the phenomena as a joke where both men and women are both teased.

Eve/Adam teasing can be of three types:

a) Verbal teasing :- Threats or insults, offensive or suggestive comments, messages with sexual comments, persistent pressure for dates, offensive jokes or teasing, whistles or catcalls, sexually oriented remarks about a person's clothing or body, rumors about an individual's sexual activity or preferences.

b) Non verbal teasing :- Suggestive gestures or looks, winks, licking lips, etc., staring or leering, displaying posters, photos or drawings of a sexual nature, leaving sexually suggestive notes, magazines, cartoons, mugs, or pictures, overlooking, ignoring, or failing to take action or report illegal activities or reported sexual harassment.

c) Physical teasing:- Cornering, blocking or trapping, pinching, grabbing or patting, unsolicited or unwanted touching of any part of clothing or body, hugging or kissing, clothing adjustments, back rubs, stalking or following, assault, rape or attempted rape.
Eve/Adam teasing may sound obscene and harmless in its behavior but this act has sometimes resulted in rape and even death of victims. The death of a female student, Sarika Shah, in Chennai in 1998, caused by Eve-teasing in South India (Indian Express, 1998). The laughing and passing lewd remarks of an eve/Adam teaser can leave a permanent psychological mark on a woman/man .

The Indian government has already passed many laws against eve/Adam teasing and sexual molestation but this behavior is seldom reported to authorities. In cases where it is reported the law enforcement agencies take little or no action' The Delhi Prohibition of Eve-teasing Bill (Mangai Natarajan, 2008)

An increasingly large number of college going boys and girls taking public transportation in cities in India have resorted to carrying pins, pen-knives and even daggers as a deterrent. Others have taken self-defense classes and don't hesitate to hit .
Whether eve teasing and Adam teasing is a recognized principle of liability or not and if not is it the high time to recognize it as an independent area of liability.

The present study deals with the existence of the grave problem of eve teasing and Adam teasing in non co-educational institutions and its impact on the victim.


The objectives of the present study were-
a. To study the existence of eve teasing and Adam teasing among males of non co educational institutions.
b. To find out the places and types of eve teasing in existence.
c. To find out the attitude of youth regarding eve/ Adam teasing.
d. To find out the impact of eve/ Adam teasing.
e. Precautions used by youth to avoid eve/ Adam teasing.


Research design
Descriptive research design was used in order to describe the reasons, outcome, awareness regarding laws of eve teasing and Adam teasing and views of young women and men regarding eve teasing and Adam teasing and it's impact on their daily life.

Sample selection:
Youth (50 males and 50 females) between the age group 18- 24 years were selected through simple random sampling technique from the non co-educational institutions.
Collection of data

Questionnaire prepared in advance was used to gather the data and was filled by young college going men and women to find out the causes, outcomes, effect of Adam and eve teasing among males and females. As the sample was educated there was no need of questionnaires to be filled by researcher.

Analysis of data:

The data was analyzed by finding out the percentage of positive and negative responses for each question in the questionnaire. The extremely positive and negative responses traced out.


Questionnaire prepared in advance was used to gather the data for the analysis of the prevalence of eve teasing and Adam teasing amongst college students (non co educational institution) As the sample was educated there was no need of questionnaires to be filled by researcher.

The result indicated that eve teasing was more prevalent than Adam teasing i.e. 33% as compared to 22%.

* 42% of young women faced verbal teasing, 39% of young women faced visual teasing, and surprisingly 59% of young women faced physical teasing and 20% of young men faced verbal teasing, 17% of young men faced verbal teasing, and only 6% of young men faced physical teasing. Physical eve teasing had more negative effect than verbal and visual teasing on females.

* 46% of young women and men agree that Eve teasing and Adam teasing is higher outside the institutional area than the roadside, parks, cinema halls, market places, public transport, etc.

* 67% of young women started taking precautionary measures to ensure their safety and only 3% of young men take these precautions to ensure their safety.

* Only 48% of young men and young women were aware of the existence of laws against teasing.

The result included that Eve teasing is more prevalent as compare to Adam teasing and very few people were aware about the laws regarding Eve/Adam teasing and most of the young women and men believed that excess of Eve/Adam teasing can leave a long lasting impact on to the persons mind which can leave a permanent psychological mark and can even cause death of victims.

Most of the young women and men feel that our government should take more strict actions and should keep watch dogs to check the same.

Grant Barrett (2006). The Official Dictionary of Unofficial English, by. Published. ISBN 0071458042. Page 109.
Indian Express(1998). Murder charges in eve-teasing case. ISBN 0754646041. Page 63.
Mangai Natarajan (2008). Eve teasing Women Police in a Changing
Society: Back Door to Equality, ISBN 0754649326. Page 54.

About Author / Additional Info:
I am Neha Gupta pursuing M.Sc. IN HUMAN DEVELOPMENT.

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you have done a brilliant job gurl...keep it up! surbhi 2010-04-26 03:22:37 116
excellent work swati 2010-04-26 03:25:35 117
i love to read such articles..keep on writing such of them for us girl...good luck.. heena 2010-04-26 03:28:15 118
eve teasing is offence but is not bailable. purely its a violation of personal libarty, because some innocence persons are getting it. seshagiri rao 2010-04-27 05:57:08 119
eve teasing is offence but is not bailable. purely its a violation of personal libarty, because some innocence persons are getting it. seshagiri rao 2010-04-27 05:58:17 120
you r really excellent , ur knowledge should really be felicitated people should be dare to protect them from hands of bipeds and rogues so kindly take necessary measures possible according to ur gender anand 2010-08-08 08:02:44 274
I am afraid adam teasing is not recognised as a problem in India or anywhere else in the world. I have been witness to Adam teasing by many women. Gone are the days when women were sober and non-violent. Now, they talk about equality and justice and they themselves indulge in nonsense. Our society encourages adam teasing and harming of men. Men are the worst perpetrators of crimes against other men. Rohan 2010-08-22 00:12:19 301
hey gurl u have done an excellent job...but don't u think so that just writing an article is not enough or publishing of this article on such is not enough i think u should try to publish your article on every newspaper so that every person in this world should know what exactly our nation is going through.where are youth is moving..?? rajeev singh 2011-01-08 03:49:55 516
what a work u have done. I am highly impressed infact ur results were quite interesting and an eye opener...!! GOOD WORK Gurleen kaur 2011-01-08 03:53:28 517
this is very interesting vickey 2012-02-20 21:38:15 1095
Neha Mam please tell me what is adam teasing NEELAM DAHIYA 2013-04-28 23:42:34 1763
I think u v done an excellent job.. i am so impressed by your findings that i would like to take forward your research work...u v been an eye opener...thankyou so much Neha Ma'am. Shiksha 2014-07-17 22:11:31 2075

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