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Dust Pollution Can Affect Both Health and Behavior

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Article Summary: "The body generates some heat as a result of metabolism and is usually able to dissipate this heat by either radiation through the skin or by sweating..."

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Dust pollution can affect both health and behavior
It can cause loss of hearing which is often irreversible or incurable, irritability or snapping at others and heart disease (especially when noise is over 70 decibel).

Occupational hazards

Any work you do for long periods can expose you to a health risk. However, certain workers like those working in quarries, mines and factories are more at risk from pollution.

Heat stroke
The body generates some heat as a result of metabolism and is usually able to dissipate this heat by either radiation through the skin or by sweating. As the sweat evaporates body cools down.

However, in conditions of extreme heat, high humidity, or vigorous exertion under the sun, the body may not able to dissipate the heat and the body temperature rises, sometimes up to 106 foreign heat degrees or higher. It is a true medical emergency that can be fatal if not properly and promptly treated.

Miner's cramp
It is a condition that is marked by sudden development of craps in skeletal muscles, resulting from prolonged working in high temperature and accompanied by profuse perspiration with loss of sodium chloride from the body.

Working with asbestos exposes on to the fibers. Prolonged working with asbestos can lead to asbestosis. Asbestosis is a lung disease that cannot be cured.

It is also called brown lung disease or Monday fever. This occupational ling disease is caused by exposure to cotton dust in an inadequately ventilated environment. Cotton dust does not cause the disease directly. The end toxins that come from the Bactria that grow on the cotton cause the disease.

It commonly occurs in workers who are employed in yarn and fabric manufacturing industries. This can result in narrowing of the trachea in the lungs, destruction of lungs tissues.

This is the scarring of the lungs especially from coal dust.

It is a lung disease caused by breathing in the dusty environment of stone and sand. The disease is characterized by shortness of breath, fever and bluish skin.

Sources of noise pollution
The sources of noise pollution are divided mainly into industrial and non-industrial sources.

Industrial pollution
Noise from factories: motors, compressors and other parts of machines installed in factories and manufacturing units emit noise, which can disturb residents of nearby localities. Noise pollution can also cause hearing damage among workers in factories.

Non-industrial sources of pollution
Noise from vehicles: sound emitted from the exhaust systems of vehicles, such as cars, bikes trucks and auto- rickshwas are the main sources of traffic noise.

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