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Dog - The Man's Best Friend

BY: Hewadurege sunethra | Category: Pets | Submitted: 2010-08-03 06:32:26
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Article Summary: "The dog has been man's best friend . Dogs are also very useful animals.dogs have also helped in scientific research.dogs can hear sounds better than men. not only they are very friendly with peoples. small children very like to play with dogs.Many of the dogs in shelters are mutts, so adopting one is a great way to help dogs in .."

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The dog has been man's best friend for thousands of years. Dogs are friendly,Obedient and faithful animals. King Edward of England had a pet terrier named Caesar.When the king died in1910, Caesar led the funeral procession ,walking ahead of kings and princes of the world. When the famous composer Mozart died, Only one living creature followed his coffin in the rain to the grave . It was his faithful dog.

Many dogs have given their lives to save or protect their masters. We often hear stories about the bravery of dogs. recently five women were gathering fuel in a forest close to Dunhinda falls in Sri Lanka . their dog was with them . suddenly, a cobra attacked the women. The brave dog sprang at the cobras and tore it to pieces after a short struggle. The women were happy to escape certain death. But soon the came staggering up to them. Blood was pouring from its mouth. It locked helplessly at the women, then lay down and died.

Dogs are also very useful animals. They guard the home. Have you seen a dog picking up its ears? Dogs can hear sounds better than men can. That's why they make good watch-dogs. specially trained dogs lead blind people and act as their eyes. In many Artic regions, dogs drew sleds, and transport people across the snow and ice. In 1925, Balto an Eskimo dog diphtheria serum 600 miles through an Alaska.

Dogs are intelligent animals, so it is easy to train them.dogs have also helped in scientific research. Dogs can hear and smell better than men .but they cannot see so well. Do you know that dogs are colour-blind ? A dog sees objects first by their movement, second by their brightness, and third by their shape. Most domesticated dogs generally get along well with people. After all, they are pets that have evolved with humans for hundreds of years or more.

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I am Sunethra . I am in Sri Lanka . I studied up to Advanced levels. After leaving the school I followed a computer diploma course, Accountancy course and English course. there are four in our family with my parents. now I am married.My husband is a tea taster. I like to do a online job at home .

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