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Do You Fear Money?

BY: Jenenne Macklin | Category: Women | Submitted: 2012-07-29 01:16:06
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Article Summary: "We have all the resources to create financial success, whatever that might mean and yet many people continue to struggle with creating money. Is it fear of money and sabotaging beliefs that block their success? We have everything necessary for us to be, do and have what we desire so what are the steps to create our financial f.."

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I read something today and I was wondering if it's true. What I read was that many people are in fear about money. I was surprised. But then I thought, hum may be so.

So many people talk about money, wanting money, financial independence or wealth yet it still seems to elude them. I find that really amazing in this day and time.

I say that because we have so much information. We have access to not only the principles and examples of faith and determination from way back in the day, such as Think and Grow Rich, we also have a greater understanding of our own power through the Law of Attraction. And that's just two off the top of my head. We have audios, videos, books, seminars, DVD's, speakers, coaches and CD's at our fingertips.

So that makes me wonder, how come more of us don't want to be the badass in our life and create what is in our power to create?

We can create wealth, we can attract money, we can experience financial independence and we have the power to literally think and grow rich. We can do, be and have whatever it is that we want. And we even have more current day examples of how it's being done.

What is it that gets in our way? It is that we really don't embrace our greatness? Is it that we allow ourselves to be distracted by all that is vying for our attention? Or is it just too hard to take responsibility for our dreams? Have we given up or decided it can't happen for us because of some (false) belief that we are telling ourselves.

Well, maybe in the end there is a fear of money. That fear may be of the responsibility to sustain it or the pure joy and freedom that playing with money brings to those who have it. However, I want you to know money is only energy. Money is good. Money is a tool for our use as an exchange. When we can embrace some healthy ideas about money, challenge and eliminate our sabotaging beliefs towards money, and determine what it is we really want to have, there will be nothing to stop us from reaching our goal.

The major obstacle for many of us is our mindset. This stems from our upbringing in most instances and is something we are unconscious to in many ways. There is a specific relationship we have with money that we learned in childhood that, as adults, we probably need to reframe. We are all aware of the "money is the root of all evil" thinking. But what we may not be aware of is how entrenched this thinking or concept maybe or how much it impacts our relationships with money today. This is one that is fairly popular but I have aware of at least four more.

• If false beliefs are standing in the way of your wealth and financial success and you haven't kicked them to the curb;
• If negative mind chatter and doubt or too loud,
• If you are tired of struggling, worrying and thinking about money, then it's time to take the steps toward your financial hopes and dreams.

Until then, keep consciously creating


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