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Disaster Management: What Needs to Be Done Immediately After Disasters

BY: Dave Information | Category: Nature | Submitted: 2010-12-15 22:23:22
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Article Summary: "A disaster can be deadly. Read on how to handle a disaster. We see a lot of disasters happening all over the world and we know not what happens the next moment to the region or place where we live..."

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A disaster is always a threat to us. The word "disaster" creates a lot of chaos and nuisance in our minds even before an event may occur. Destruction is what comes to our minds immediately. We see a lot of disasters happening all over the world and we know not what happens the next moment to the region or place where we live. It all happens in a blink of an eye. Therefore we must always be alert and prepared to face any disaster with courage and also do the needful to mitigate the sufferings.

A disaster is present when the need exceeds the resources. In a mass casualty incident, if you are going to manage the disaster first know your abilities as to how you can handle various problems. You should also know as to what the resources you have are and how much you have.

There are various types of disasters. They are

1. Natural disaster

The natural disasters will not be controlled because it will occur whenever it has to occur and humans can rarely be able to prevent these disasters.

2. Man made disaster

Natural disasters are naturally occurring through nature's creation such as hurricanes, fire, volcanoes and landslides. Manmade disasters are those which are caused by man which includes biological, chemical and nuclear explosions. Disasters can occur all of a sudden and it can be any of these mentioned here. People affected by the disaster suffer physically as well as psychologically. There needs to be a plan of action in case a disaster occurs and it is mentioned below.

There are certain things that can create disaster, but when it does occur, there are certain things that are needed. Disaster requires

D-Detection: There are certain disasters that are not mind boggling instantly, but happen slowly over a period of time, especially man made disasters. These should be detected.

I-Incident command: As soon as an incident occurs, a command should be set up to try and reduce the problems that occur as a result of the incident or disaster.

S-Safety and security: The safety and security issues are also very high. It is important that the safety and security of the surviving people is maintained.

A-Assessment of hazards: This should occur immediately after the disaster to prevent secondary disasters that may be waiting to occur.

S-Support: The support that is given to the people who are suffering is primary. The support is also needed to the people who are trying to overcome the problems that are being faced by the rescuers who are working overtime to save as many people as possible. This is one of the most important aspects of overcoming the disaster.

T-Triage and treatment: The triage and treatment is needed for those who are affected by the actual tragedy. The medical care that is available immediately after the incident will help save as many people as possible.

E-Evacuation: The evacuation of the people who are affected and also those who are at a risk of being further affected is very important.

This is the phase in the aftermath of the disaster and each and every person who is in the vicinity and was affected by the disaster needs to recover completely to be able to get on with their life. Disaster management is concerned with helping the people affected to pick up the threads and go on with their life.

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