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Concepts of Brand Positioning

BY: Raja Vikram | Category: Sales-Marketing | Submitted: 2012-03-29 04:48:32
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Article Summary: "The article talks a brief note for brand and its positioning in the market. To position brand in the market a company needs to make sure of the Branding attributes like uniqueness, relevance, sustainable, appealing and inspirable. .."

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To focus on market potential or to gain profit, a company needs to work on marketing activities for its products and services. Hence, it needs a Brand for itself in the market. It needs to position. Until and unless it is making a brand for itself it is difficult for them to share a market position. Hence Brand Positioning is an important exercise of Marketing for an organization. Brand Positioning can be defined as placement of product/service names in the mind-set of consumers instead of your competitors. For Ex: In India, When we go to a shop a look for a anti septic soap then the first hit comes to our mind is Dettol, when we think to buy glycerine soap then Pears comes to our mind. Hence this shows that these brands have placed themselves in such a way that while buying the categorised products we think of them first then their competitors. Brand Positioning is all about making a hit on the consumers thinking again and again so that they will chose your product first in that category while buying.

Even it is true for services or movies too. Let take an example of movies where they hit on different trailers on YouTube, Social sites videos, Television channels, Theatres, Posters and Hoardings before release of the movie so that audience can watch their movie on the first week itself. If a movie is placed itself as a different story then people will surely watch those as the trend continues such a way. It is all about how you position a brand in the market.

To position brand in the market a company needs to make sure of the Branding attributes like uniqueness, relevance, sustainable, appealing and inspirable. If this entire thing is implemented then for sure the brand is going to position itself well. For ex: Featherlite is positioned itself as a furniture group and people will go for it once they think to buy some official furniture. Parachute is placed itself as a coconut oil brand, hence consumers think to buy coconut oil then they go for Parachute only instead of competitor's products. This shows how well they have placed themselves in these categories.

Here an organization tries to show consumers that what it wants to achieve or mean to them. Brand positioning is a marketing strategy by which company focusses in the market. A strong brand positioning helps organization the reasons to buy the specific brand. Brand Positioning can be sometimes getting a three way culture. It may be under, over, and confusing. If the brand in unclear then it is under, if the brand have too limited awareness then it is over and if the brand confuses the customer then it is confusing. Hence it is required for an organization to take a call for positioning before moving further to is a source for the company which will differentiate the organization from their competitors.

If the brand positioning is perfect then consumers not only buy your product but also they will use the brand frequently. For Ex: Till now people ask to take Xerox of the paper not a photocopy. This shows that how Xerox has placed itself in the minds of the customer. Brand Positioning always demands different methods of competitors and business operations too. A brand placement is the most important strategy for the organization to tap the market for a longer period of time.

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it is indeed a very nice write up on brand positioning. you made the whole concept very clear and simple with the appropriate examples. dgh brh - Author 2012-04-03 00:22:04 1188
Dear Brh, Thank you very much for your thoughts and Inputs. Raja Vikram - Author 2012-04-03 23:33:08 1191

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