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Common Reasons Why Husband and Wife Fight ?

BY: Jo Justin | Category: Relationships | Submitted: 2010-04-02 12:22:15
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Article Summary: "There are many reasons for the couple to fight. This article lists some of the reasons why wife and husband fight with each other..."

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As soon as you read the topic, you might be thinking as to why a husband and wife who do not love each other stay together. There are many reasons of this. One of the reasons could be for the sake of the children. They may not like each other and may have differences between them, but they stay together for the sake of their children. There are some other couples who may stay together for the sake of their career. There are many reasons that make people who do not love each other to live together. Usually these kinds of couples ignore each other in their home and live their own life to the maximum, but when they live together under the same roof, there are times when a volcano erupts between them.

The various reasons that will make the husband and wife fight are as follows:

1. Taking care of the child:

The husband and the wife may be having fights to decide on who will be taking care of the child. The fact that the needs and care of the child are many makes it difficult for even parents who are bonded to take care of them. When a couple has nearly split, then it is all the more difficult for them to take care of all the needs of the child and this can be a major reason for their fights.

2. Their extra marital affairs:

There is sure to be other affairs that the spouse knows about. If the couple have not had a good relation with each other for a long time and are living together without divorcing for some reason, they are sure to have extra marital affairs. His can be a bone of contention between the couple as they can still be jealous of the other person because it is normal human nature.

3. Financial matters:

When the couple is all but living as husband and wife, there is sure to be fights between them for various financial matters. The fact that they are living together makes them need to share their bills and also actually pay the bills. The reason for the fights between them could be because they are not able to pay their bills on time because they are too busy or it also could be because they are not earning enough to pay off all the bills that they need to pay.

4. Family reasons:

There are many people who live together for the sake of their extended family, especially in conservative families and this extended family for which they are putting up with each other may again be the reason for their fights. When the family is extended and many people talk and give their opinions, there can be fights between the couple.

These are some of the major reasons that can cause fights between the couple who are already on the verge of splitting or have split and are living together for some reason or other.

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EGO ... I think this is the number one reason why they fight. Second is INCOMPATIBILITY, they both might be right but there is a difference in the thought. Another one is if one of the partner is TOO COMMANDING and tries to suppress the other one.... Had a fight with my wife an hour back .. I can keep writing on this topic at the moment but guess I should stop :D Travis 2010-04-02 12:21:33 75
these are just points? What is the solution or one has to do in any of these conditions? jatin 2010-08-28 21:56:07 312
Just ignore all fights and love each other...sounds horrible but works yaar.. Ranjita 2010-10-12 01:46:14 362
just be calm and ignore what others are doing chandu 2010-12-07 17:13:42 461
I think both couple are fair in our place but some confusion created by relatives and some fear about future make the reason of fight and some ego power of one also make big reason. shiv 2011-04-15 04:37:35 751
But what should a child/ children do when there is a fight between parents. And if he/ she wanted to look them together and love each other. Deepak 2011-09-20 20:24:38 937
False are thick when love is thin. So start loving your partner more and more, you will stop noticing his or her mistakes. Prasanna 2012-01-03 10:42:41 1036
what should i do about my husband he is the most wonderful person but at times he just loses it with me n hits me. but i still love him what should i do. N.......... 2012-03-27 04:42:51 1150
what should i do if my husband doesnt believe in my words even if iam true,but rather trusts in 3rd persons words and starts hurting me with his words. everything is good in him.he loves me butttttt. I too love him so not knowing what to do. am not knowing when will the time come when anyone speaks negative about me, my husband asks them to mind their own business. Instead he listens false words about me which are not true. So i finally say misunderstanding ,listening to 3rd partys gosip and lac of trust between husband and wife is major issue of quarrels vidhya 2012-10-21 23:11:41 1543
Some wife not understand the husbands thinking.rnand the wife have close relation with his families. and my wife is mad farooq muhammad 2012-10-29 12:02:02 1549
i dont how the fight starts but its turns in too a big issue and some times its comes to breakup i want to live with him and i love him more than any thing on earth but what makes a small silly issue to turn in separation issue plz can come one help me out tasneem 2013-01-03 02:32:04 1630
Me and my wife start fight from the first night of my marraige and its already our 4 month going we are still fighting after one or two day.i spend with her 2 mönths and now i am abroad but still we fighting on phone..i love her too much...but i dont know how our fighting will finish.the main problem of our fighting is that she not speek with me not telling me her feelings. khan 2013-03-10 17:29:09 1690
I feel dat my husband ignores me n tries to suppress me he feels dat he is a husband so he can do or say anything but being a wife i cant say anythng... he does not help me in any way,,if i ask him to do so he says dat this is nt my job..i dont know wat should i do??? Anushka Gupta 2013-04-26 03:37:41 1761
Hi Anushka, my wife also feels that I ignore and suppress her. Honestly, there are times she fees being suppressed even when I am not really doing that to her. There are times when I am trying to talk to her, just expressing my opinion (which are often different from hers) and she feels that I am trying to dominate. Lately we both have tried to change things, and it has worked in a very positive way. We have stopped taking things personally, and if she or I am telling something we listen calmly - not try to interrupt each other even though inside we are ready to blast. Yes, there is some level of superiority feeling in Indian men ( I agree), but you know there are a few things that will go slowly away from the society. Even right now I can bitch about my wife on 100 things but on the other hand if we had gone for a divorce, both her and my life would have got devastated. There is no solution to these things, learn to ignore things in each other that you do not like. Easier said than done, but that's the way it goes. And lastly - never compare your life with others, most people fake love around others even though they fight like cats and dogs when no one is around (say at home). Pictures on Facebook can be very deceptive and in no way reflect the real life of people. Everyone is stressed and irritated, some people show others don't. Relish what you have .. Bharat Sharma 2013-04-26 04:00:32 1762
The main cause, as far as I think, is the anger of both. At the time when husband is angry the wife should be calm and should try to handle the situation. If the wife also became angry at the same time the husband will become aggressive and there will be fight between them. The men have more dealings and the problems than the women generally have. Akhlaque 2014-07-03 16:13:05 2070 is a great problem...but friends we all know that every fight of our (husband and wife)..dissolved with a burst of love...I think as like me..after every fight I and my wife love each other at full..till the next fight..and the circle continues for I we are going to concentrate on that burst of love after every fight....let the fight continue....hahahahaaaaa pankaj 2015-11-03 07:48:52 2203

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