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Charity Jobs: Are They Actually a Great Charity Business?

BY: Jason Osborn | Category: Careers | Submitted: 2010-11-09 19:14:56
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Article Summary: "If You're Looking For a Charity Job, You Understand the Importance of Doing What You Can To Make the World a Better Place. This article will discuss how a charity business is the most effective way to help others and yourself financially..."

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If you ask any of the neutral financial experts, that is, those who are not associated with any special interest or government group, they will tell you that the economy has changed forever. There will never again be security while you are working for someone else, hoping to have a pension or a 401k to support you when you retire. You can either face this fact, or you can pretend (and hope) that you can support yourself comfortably with a job for the rest of your life.


We all know that you need money to support yourself in the modern world. Supporting yourself with a charity job is a great and admirable thing because you are making the world a better place while supporting yourself financially. Charity jobs are great also because it's a lot easier to be motivated on a daily basis when you know you're helping other people.


Helping other people is great, but we also need to make sure that our families and ourselves are financially secure. In today's economy, and in the economy of the future, the only way to be financially secure is to have your own profitable and stable business.

Network Giving

That's where network giving comes in: a business that pays you month after month to feed desperately hungry children. This kind of charitable model is much more than a charity job; it's a charity business. This is a business that will allow you to become responsible for feeding thousands of hungry children every month, and get rich in the process. This is a proven business model that makes sense.

A "Fund Generating Machine"

The reason that network giving is so effective in alleviating world hunger is because it creates a "perpetual fund generating machine." This is a machine that rewards it's workers greatly, and this allows them to keep contributing to the cause. So now not only the wealthy can afford to contribute, so can the average person. When they are rewarded financially and emotionally, they will continue to contribute.

Can Network Giving END World Hunger?

It is projected that this model of charitable giving will end world hunger within the next seven to ten years. Millions of meals have already been given to those in desperate need, and the growth of this kind of charity business is exponential. If this kind of growth continues, and there's no reason to believe it won't, world hunger will be a problem of the past.

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