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Buying a Used Car: Important Questions to Ask Your Car Dealer

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Article Summary: "Learn what you should ask your car dealer before buying a used car. Read on to learn about the questions you need to ask..."

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Buying a new car is not always possible. There are many of us who will only be able to buy an old car on a sale. This will be the best option for people who have limited cash reserves. There are some who will be able to buy a new car with a loan or credit, but this is not a good option for many people who do not want to get deeper into credit. In this scenario, the only thing that the person will be able to do is to buy an used car.

Though the decision to buy a used car is in itself an important one, there are many other things that the person has to think of too. There are some important questions that the buyer needs to ask the car dealer who is selling the car. This will help the person to be able to decide if it is the right car to be purchased.

The important questions that need to be asked to the car dealer are as follows:

1. Fuel efficiency:

The fuel efficiency of the vehicle is an important thing that has to be asked to the dealer. As the fuel prices are on the rise again, it is important for the person to know about the fuel efficiency of the car before you buy an used car.

2. Previous repairs:

You should also know all about the previous repairs that have been done on the car. This too is very important because if the car has had a lot of repairs, then the chances of the car having much more trouble after you have bought the car is also very high. To reduce this, you should make sure that you ask this important question to the dealer before you buy the used car.

3. Engine trouble:

The presence or lack of engine trouble also needs to be known by the person before the purchase of the car. There are many cars that have a lot of engine trouble. This needs to be identified early enough so that you do not suffer after you buy the car. There are some dealers who may not explicitly tell you about the various troubles that the engine has had, just to sell the car to you. You should make sure that the dealer is a known person who has good credentials. This makes the dealer to be more believable.

4. Warranty:

Though many dealers may not give you a long warranty on a used car, there are some who will give you some kind of warranty. This should be one of the important questions and the best criteria that you should talk about to the dealer before you buy the used car. There are some parts that need to be covered by a warranty as this will benefit you after the purchase of the car.

5. Insurance:

There are times when the car may be insured for a huge amount, especially if the car is one that is very expensive. You should know about the insurance before you buy the car. If the insurance is very high and you are not able to pay the insurance amount, then you would do better to buy a car that is within your means and within your budget so that you do not suffer after the purchase.

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