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Beautiful and Tragic at the Same Time

BY: andrew walsh | Category: Writing | Submitted: 2011-11-30 20:25:54
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Article Summary: "This is a writing I did about a friend of mine. She is beautiful both internally and externally. She is struggling as I have struggled before..."

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Such contradictions exist with you. Beautiful is one of the countless adjectives to describe you. Hair, body, face all in symmetric perfection. You have gifts and talents that are others cannot fathom. The voice you sing with is rare, so rare to find. But I see what others do not see. I see your eyes, how they tantalize, and the story behind them. I see meaning in them. Feelings, emotions, grief, sadness. Lost, fearful. Yet defiant. Giving signs of needing help but not asking for it. You are beautiful yet tragic. Beautiful. Misunderstood. Others cannot see, and even if they see they cannot understand. You wander this earth. You dwell here but do not live. You have everything but nothing at once. Stationary and moving at the same time. Running while standing in the same place. Searching for a way out. A way to move. A way to break free of the shackles that do not exist. Your tragedy is beautiful. You are beautiful in your tragedy. Oppressed by yourself while attempting to free yourself. You are the thorn bird. A bird so beautiful. The bird that pierces its own chest with a thorn as it signs the most beautiful song. You believe this is all there is to you. You see fallacies, I see the truth. You dream of a happy life but believe it is impossible. All you see is failure. I, I see success. You see someone who quits. I see someone who fights. You and I are not so different. I have been where you are. Others saw so much in me when I could not find a single worthwhile characteristic of myself. I sought the truth. I sought for meaning. I found none. I lay awake at night trying to find the reason; trying to find a purpose. None. I stopped searching. Truth, meaning, and purpose found me.

I miss the contour of your body as it lays against mind. There is much I will do for you to aid you. I love you. I love you for you, who you will be, and who you are; me. So different yet so similar are you and I. You are not unique nor alone in your struggle. I used to feel nothing but sadness, grief, and self loathing. These feelings have mitigated. Loving you means that I am starting to love myself. Not a day goes by that I do not pray for you. Be real. If it hurts let it hurt. If it makes you cry cry. Life has beaten me to the ground and then continued to beat me. But it has not defeated me. Be brave, have the courage. Learn the truth, there is nothing that can beat you. Nothing can beat you. Learn it. Crying is okay. It will not beat you. Anger is okay. It will not defeat you. Sadness, grief, depression; cannot win. If the worst cannot win, then you need not fear. Anything can happen yet you will be okay. So if these feelings knock on your door, do not run. Let them in, mingle with them, and then let them leave. They may return someday, but not with the same strength or for the same reason. I am where I am today because others helped me. You are one of the reasons I am here today. This illustrates the theme, we do not have to go through this alone. You are beautiful; happy or sad, inside and out.

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I am a college writer from the United States

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