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Be What You Are...

BY: Kuhoo Gaur | Category: Issues | Submitted: 2010-03-11 07:42:01
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Article Summary: "It is not always right to follow what you see one should always use his brains before making an ideal..."

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This is a human nature,when ever we see a person who is followed by most of the people,we tend to follow them,it is what we call it to be 'COOL'.It is kind of pressure from our friends because either they say that the 'COOL' person is really nice or that it is in trend. i am presently in 8th class and just 13 yrs old.But i have learned all in this period of time because we are always learning something or the other each minute.Like for example the language students of now a days use when they chat, if they have to say "i am going to Delhi for 2 days with my parents and cousins .We will have a lot of fun there" so they would say in this way "i m goin 2 delhi....!! fr 2 dys wid ma prents n bros n sis........!!v ll hv fun man....!! v ll rock!!" .They use words like yo man , hey wassa/wass up , u look hot, hey chick u rock,and calling their country backward just to show that they are so called 'COOL PEOPLE'.

They get attracted towards things that are said to be 'COOL' like hanging out with friends in bars or hav dj night,chatting with them,having flicks (girls),wearing low waste jeans, disobeying the teacher and giving them tit for tat ,making spikes , ironing hair, abusing , smoking , drinking , make boyfriends or girlfriends etc .The way people around me behave now is disgusting and pathetic.I fell ridiculous when i hand out with my friends and they say stupid things like this.But still i think its because of they are going through teens.I hope they become mature soon cause i will not be able to handle this more longer.

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