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Battling Hearing Loss Only Takes an Antioxidant

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Article Summary: "Destructive, stubborn, rebellious, and insolent are not the words children should be referred to with, it is not only wrong but also off putting especially when heard from parents or teachers. A physician says that undetected cases of mild to severe hearing loss can be treated on occasion, and this is normally experienced by chi.."

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In some occasions, parents and teachers would resort to calling children certain names that are incorrect and unhelpful like stubborn, negligent, rebellious, or even aggressive. Regardless of how treatable mild to severe hearing loss is according to a physician, the undetected cases in children are behind this ongoing situation. Can we crack the case? Is it audiometric or hearing tests?

It is necessary for parents to have a child evaluated for deafness, said an unnamed physician, if he is still not able to talk by age two. Results were discussed as follows. Children talk by means of imitation, and when parents understand this, they will also understand how hearing and speech are linked.

During the first six months, all the infant will do is babble. Later he learns to use sounds to attract attention. Hearing his parents finally, the infant will begin to choose certain sounds that have a positive nature. This time, he also gives attention to how others are talking. Subsequently, he will approach the use of words and sentences. Considering how children embrace speech at different ages, it is the parents who can influence the advancement of their skills. Something as simple as the tone of voice, or the amount of attention given by parents to a child, can make a huge difference in how a child develops speech.

Speech development for children follows a normal pattern, said the physician who also mentioned how it is highly possible to experience wide differences when it comes to vocabulary among infants. For example, at twelve months, a baby can speak up to three words. Up until he reaches two, the words will increase from 10 to 250, and his two word groups will develop into short sentences.

Usually, the use of elaborate and sophisticated apparatus to test the hearing of infants is not necessary. The evidence of a baby not being able to hear common sounds is when parents see how the sounds originate from the baby's sight. Several examples of these sounds are doorbell and telephone rings, a loud voice from the other room, the ticking of a clock, and footsteps.

An apparent loss of hearing in your baby should be reported to the doctor right away. The hearing tests discovered total deafness in several infants. When a baby is born deaf, he may still have some residual hearing, and this is where a hearing aid can be utilized to make sounds louder. Aids for hearing can be used for babies. A baby can adjust to the hearing aid rather quickly wherein he finds them comfortable enough to wear and not to pull off.

Even a child with limited hearing ability can grow up capable of attending a regular school, a special institution for the deaf will not be necessary, and this is highly possible especially when hearing aids are used from infancy. If hearing aids are used, then these children will have the opportunity to learn certain skills in their formative years, the skills that would help them converse with and understand the people around them. Free from shame or stigma, using these hearing aids automatically comes with a new lease on life, an opportunity for these children to live socially fulfilled lives far from the life of silence they were originally born with.

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