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Agile (SCRUM) Software Development Methodology - Part 4

BY: Arivuvel Ramu | Category: Technology | Submitted: 2010-06-15 06:27:17
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Article Summary: "Detailed Scrum implementation details.."

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Product Backlog:
* requirments
* a list of all desired work on the project/product
* Prioritized by the product owner
* reprioritized at the start of the each sprint

Sprint BackLog:
* Individuals sign up for work of their own choosing
* Work is never assigned
* Estimated work remaining is updated daily
* Any team member can add, delete or change the sprint backlog
* Work for the sprint emerges
* If work is unclear, define a sprint backlog item with a larger amount of time and break it down later
* Update work remaining as more becomes known

Sprint Goal:
* short statement of what the work will be focused on the planned 2-4 weeks of duration (sprint)

Sprint Demo:
* Team presents what it accomplished during the sprint
* Typically takes the form of a demo of new features or underlying architecture
* Informal
* 2-hour prep time rule
* No slides
* Whole team participates
* Invite the world

Sprint Retrospective:
* Periodically take a look at what is and is not working
* Typically 15-30 minutes
* Done after every sprint
* Whole team participates
Product owner
Possibly customers and others
* Analysis the Burndown chart too

Everyone should answer the below three question during retrospective:
* Start Doing ?
* Stop doing ?
* Continue Doing?

Who are all using Scrum?
Microsoft, Yahoo, Google, Nokia, Siemens, BMC Software,, sabre, HP, IBM, Sapient etc

What are the places we can use scrum?
* Commercial Software development
* In-house Software development
* Contract Software Development
* Fixed Price Projects
* Video Game Development,
* Websites development
* Embedded System software development
* Networking application, Handheld software development etc

* No Changes during a sprint
Plan sprint duration around how long you can commit to keeping change out of the sprint. decide the same before the sprint kickoff
* When you project is very large in nature then you need Scrum of Scrum model with deticated Scrum Master for each scrum team and Scrum mentor.
* inter scrum team Dependenecies needs to be tracked and addressed by daily basis
* Use the Agile software development/collaboration tools to measure the burn down like result space .

About Author / Additional Info:
Arivuvel Ramu
Technical Architect (SOA)

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