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Advantages of an Assembled Personal Computer

BY: David Prakash Kumar | Category: Technology | Submitted: 2010-05-30 09:01:47
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Article Summary: "Assembling a computer has many advantages. This articles lists some opf the important ones..."

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Buying a computer for your home, office or any other use has become flexible and easy, offering you the choice of buying a computer which as already been assembled and is in working condition, or purchase the components individually and then assemble yourself. Assembling your own computer offers you flexibility and other advantages over a branded one.


Assembling a computer gives you flexibility and freedom as to the kind of components you want. You can choose your components from a wide range of manufacturers and a range of other specifications. Whiles a branded computer offers you only one choice, an assembled computer offers several choices. One can choose the kind of sound card he wants, the speed of processor and so on. This makes assembled computers perform better, because the best components are chosen.


Assembling a computer may cause far less than a branded computer. They are known to cost 30% less than the branded ones. Branded computer manufacturers add licensing fees, transportation and their profit margins to the cost of the computers. Branded computers however do not have these cost elements. If you are building a computer for yourself, you do not need to add profits or licensing; you only need to pay for the components.


Assembled computers are known to have a higher performance capacity than branded ones. This is because of the combination of components. The assembler sorts out which capacity of component works best with another and so on. One can choose any memory size with any hard disk size, processor speed, and any specification of components that have the potential of performing faster.


An assembled computer has the higher capacity for expansion. Unlike in the branded computer in which the only expansion possible to add or change the RAM, an assembled computer can be vastly expanded. The processor can be changed, another hard disk added, USB ports added and good quality sound equipment added.


An assembled computer is much easier to repair in case of damage. Since you assembled the whole computer from the scratch, you have more knowledge on the components and layout. You can easily detect problems and where they are coming so easily. Repairing is also fairly easier since you know the inner workings of the components. Additionally, components for replacement are readily available on the market. Branded computers are however not so easy to repair. The layout is very complex and it is sometimes difficult to locate a component which is believed to be causing problems. Components that need to be replaced may also not be available on the market because of specifications.


Assembled computers have warranty too, but unlike the branded computers which offer a single warranty for the whole system, an assembled computer may have warranty for each individual component. The motherboard may have its own warranty, the hard disk, which is usually three years and so on.

Considering the number of advantages offered by assembled computers, it is better than the branded ones. A branded computer is just an assembled computer in another sense. The components are bought and then put together. The only difference is the name attached to the assembly.

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