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Advantages of LCD and Plasma Television Over Regular Television Sets

BY: S Edwin | Category: Entertainment | Submitted: 2010-06-30 00:00:37
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Article Summary: "There are many advantages of LCD and Plasma Television over regular television sets. Read on to learn about these advantages..."

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The LCD and Plasma television sets are latest scientific wonder for general customers. They are far better than the conventional television sets in many ways and for this reason and the use of these televisions is increasing very fast in all over the world. Beside the television sets, they are becoming very popular as computer monitors.

LCD and Plasma

The LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display. This is a recent discovery where the need of picture tube of regular television set is vanished. They use a special form of matter in liquid form that can display the image in the screen. The Plasma is also a special state of matter that can do the same thing. However, these two are different; their working process has some similarity.

Benefits of LCD and Plasma Television over regular television sets

There are several benefits of the LCD and Plasma Television sets that make them more useful than the regular television sets. Among them, the most important benefits are the following:

Video quality

The picture quality of the LCD and Plasma Televisions are many times better than the conventional television sets. The pixel density of the LCD and Plasma Television sets are many times greater and has clearer image. The new generation video formats like HD or Blue-Ray do not have full support in the regular televisions. The LCD and Plasma Televisions are the only options for these high quality videos.

Space saver

The size of the LCD and Plasma Televisions are much smaller than the regular television sets. So they can be real space saver. Space has been a big problem in modern life. Now days, even living a moderate life cost too much. So any method of saving space is always welcome to general people. The LCD and Plasma television sets gives that opportunity, and even if they can save very little space, it is welcome by the users. As a comparison, you can think of 21 inch television set. A 21 inch LCD television takes at least 5 times less space than the regular 21 inch television set.

Screen size

Because of technical reason, the regular television sets cannot be designed with a large screen; or the size of the total body would be very big. On the other hand, the LCD and Plasma Televisions can be designed with larger screen sizes. For example, a regular television set cannot have 52 inch screen size; but for an LCD television, this is a very normal size. Now days, even bigger sets are created. And no matter what the screen size is, the thickness of these modern televisions is not more than few inches.

Power saver

The LCD and Plasma television sets need much less power than the regular television sets. This is a great feature, because this reduces the electric bill for the user.


The look of the LCD and Plasma Television are much better than the regular sets. They can be placed everywhere; including in hanging condition on the wall. So, instead of just being a tool of entertainment, these television sets can be used as a part of house decoration.

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