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Advantage Tamil Nadu on Development

BY: Jo Justin | Category: Issues | Submitted: 2010-03-23 06:53:34
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Article Summary: "Tamil Nadu has been developing quite rapidly when compared to many of the other states in India. Read on to learn of the reasons for this..."

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Tamil Nadu is a state in India that is in the Southern most part. The people of Tamil Nadu have been in the forefront of development in the country of India. There have been various reasons like the politically stable environment and other factors that have been able to put the state on the path of development. Read on to learn the various advantages that this state has that have helped it to develop on a rapid pace.

1. Pioneering industrial estates:

There are many Industrial estates in the state and this is the main reason for the development of the state. Most of these industrial estates have been the pioneering ones in their particular industry. This has made it possible for the states to not only develop in a particular industry, but development has been on a massive scale in all sectors and industries.

2. Information Technology parks:

The presence of a large number of information technology parks in the state has also been another reason for the development of the state. Many of the other places have only one or two cities having major information technology pars. The administration has planned for information technology parks in even Tier II and Tier III cities making it as a major information technology hub not only in the country, but also in the whole world.

3. Qualified manpower:

There are many qualified people in each and every field of study. The fact that education has been in the forefront of the development of the state has played a major role in the development of the state. Medical education, technical education and also all other types of education have been in the forefront in the country.

4. Reputed Universities:

The presence of reputed universities in the country has also made it possible for the education to be on the priority list of the administration. There are very good medical colleges and also technological universities that are world class. These universities and colleges produce people of great knowledge and experience that the state is ahead of many of the other states in the country in terms of education and also employment.

5. Sound infrastructure:

Infrastructure in the state is on a roll. The development of various projects and their implementation has also been very high. This has made the state to have good roads and also all other types of infrastructures. This has also made it possible for many companies to invest in the state.

6. Huge land bank:

The huge land bank that is available in the state has also made it possible for the state government to invest inn this by giving it out on lease or selling it to various companies that help to industrialize the state. The rapid and grand industrialization has made it possible for the state to get ahead further in the development.

These are some of the major advantages that the state of Tamil Nadu has. These advantages have madder the state to develop and also get ahead of many of the other states.

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