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Abortion - When I Did Abortion Teenager, My Feelings - Read!!!!!!!!!!

BY: Mari Koivukangas | Category: Women | Submitted: 2011-01-27 08:14:24
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Article Summary: "My Abortion feelings, and little of my life. I hope thus read and when I write here, I hope it help me, with my feelings. I have now good life with my boyfriend but still abortion is in my mind every single day, it's not easy but I have to live. I hope really you read this because it's matter me of lot :).."

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I did couple years ago abortion and I know that when I'm not ready to be mom but still I'm little sad that I did abortion. I continued my life but now, just it hurt, like I kill baby. I'm not sure that would I yet ready to be mom but If I'm now pregant, I would't do abortion. I know that couple years ago, I was stupid, teenager and I haven't job and I'm at school and I know, I did right choice when I did abortion but still, I feelings like I could have done something different, I have to live my life with abortion and that it. I hope someday I'm again pregant and I get beautiful son or daughter. I just want tell that better to think properly when makes mistake of life. And I want to tell that there is nothing wrong to talk thoso feelings to therapist like I did. It facilitate!! Luckily I have my family, friends and currently my dear boyfriend. I must be just postive and think good things, my advice is that don't stay alone, always is someone, who listen. Sometimes think that you haven't nothing but when think positive, I have lot things in my life like family, friends, my boyfriend and memories and lot of other things.

I have things well, I have home, job and loving family and I'm healthy, what else I need?? - nothing but human is never happy. Indeed, I think often that If I have baby but then I come back to reality, and I realize that "damn it! How I can be mom??" yh, I can't be mom, I don't even know, what have to do with babies? I was once a babysitting neighbors kids and they wept much and I call to their parent every five minutes so It was so frustrating. But, many says that nobody isn't ready be mom and it just happens. I'm only child I'm an only child in our family and my mom isn't mom type, but she is so strong and caring and she is my idol, she did everything alone, because my dad was somewhere and he didn't care so I have lot stepfathers. I want to my baby better life and child have mom and dad. I hope that I can help someone understand that she isn't alone here if she did abortion like me and we are not alone and only who did abortion. I think this makes me good, when I write about my feelings here. So I would like to say once again that no one is alone, we have always someone :)

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Most teenagers or women who have had abortions, if they admit it, will say that they regret it the rest of their lives, and spend the rest of their lives, either thru positive activism or self-destructive pursuits, trying to deal with the emotions of having killed their own child. This is what you are not told when you seek advice for an undesired pregnancy. There are always other options if you look for them. Debby 2012-04-02 08:47:07 1181

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