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A Look Into Different Vitamins

BY: Bret Smith | Category: Health | Submitted: 2010-09-08 13:48:53
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Article Summary: "This is an article about different vitamins which are contained within a multivitamin nutritional supplement.."

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So if you are into bodybuilding you have probably taken a given nutritional supplement in the past, that is why we have created an article containing information on some of the most important ingredients that a multivitamin supplement contains, let's see.

Let's start with Vitamin A: this particular vitamin is specially important in protein synthesis as single amino acids combines in order to create newer muscle tissue. Vitamin A also plays a great role in the production of glycogen (the carbohydrates retained within the body).

Vitamin b1: this type of vitamin is also called "thiamine" and is strongly attached to protein metabolism, and it's also essential for hemoglobin production (helps in the transportation of oxygen throughout the body)

Vitamin b2: the famous riboflavin. This vitamin helps in the process of burning fat and it also converts carbohydrates into energy.

Niacin or vitamin b3: it helps to increase the vasodilation around the muscle tissue which allows a bodybuilder to look more vascular and full in the outside.

Vitamin C: it is connected with the creation colagen (keeps the joints in your body in a good healthy state)and amino-acid metabolism, and it is involved in the creation of steroid hormones within the body, additionally, it also allows the body to absorve iron easily.

Pyridoxine: also known as vitamin b6, it helps with protein digestion, and since a diet that is created for muscle growth purposes requires of high amounts of protein, a bodybuilding athlete surely needs more pyridoxine in his organism.

Vitamin b12: also called cobalamin, it helps with the good flow of communication between the muscle tissue and the brain, therefore it improves muscle growth and athletic coordination.

Biotin: it grants an improved amino-acid metabolism and it provides with extra energy during intense workout sessions.

So there are some of the most important vitamins which you will find in your supplement, hopefully this articles has allowed you to understand why each one of them is so vital.

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