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BIO:I like anything about art. I write lyrics and make music. I like photography and paintings, but I'm not that good. I just click the camera on anything I see nice. I stroke the paintbrush and try to do something really beautiful. It always ends up looking not the way I wanted it. It would look a little nice though. I also write literature: poems and some short stories. I also write love letters--It's in relation with my lyrics.

  • The Rainbow With No Name    Category: Others

    I love the sky and all it's wonders and especially the spilled rainbow colors. From sunrise to sunset, the twilight and star lights, the sun, the moon-- everything about the sky is miraculous. I believe that Science is just a part of the many explanations about it. And I believe that the greater explanation lies within our hearts and our faiths.
  • The Fortunes of the Unfortunates - Poverty in our world    Category: Family

    A scenario about poverty that was personally experienced by my mother. There are fortunes in this world that are often times neglected. But in the most complicated situations in our lives, will we realize that the greatest fortunes are not buried under the caves, not stored in vaults, and not saved in banks.
  • The Right Pair of Shoes - After my pain came my sweet success.    Category: Self Improvement

    Sometimes a test of determination is given to a person to measure his commitment to what he is aiming for. One day, I took off the shoes and saw my pinkies, big toes and ankles blistered. I soaked my feet on cold water and felt so relieved. After my pain came my sweet success.
  • Ugly duckling syndrome IN REVERSE    Category: Others

    People with Ugly duckling syndrome (UDS) are basically not so attractive girls that blossomed in their puberty -- high school or college years. But then, they remain a low self-esteem because they think they're still not good looking. But what if that ugly duckling became a beautiful swan and actually REALIZED what she has become?

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