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  • Our Elders in the Globalized Era. Old age and society.    Category: Others

    Old age is humanityís greatest invention and on an even deeper level, it invented us. India is a land where age and wisdom are traditionally respected. We live in a time of change, the impact of which is left with great strength on social provisions for the elderly members of each nationís society. Ageing refers to various deterioration in the organism. While they have been usually perceived as biological, the deterioration in mental capabilities and social adaptability is no less important.
  • Family Relationship of Working Women    Category: Relationships

    Family is one of the oldest social institution involving relationships based on blood marriage or adoption. For the purpose of this paper, family life refers to the network of such relationships, which bind the members together, having certain role expectations and their compliance. It is not procreation that defines family life relationships; it is the commitment and the financial and emotional interdependence of the family members.
  • Globalization and Society    Category: Others

    Globalization is not new, but the present era has distinctive features. Shrinking space ,shrinking time and disappearing borders are linking peopleís lives more deeply, more intensely, more immediately than ever before. Globalization is a complex process which changes as well as has the potential to change the various events in the world at multiple levels.

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