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  • Power of words and thinking positive    Category: Self Improvement

    This article emphasizes benefits of positive thinking and the power of words. Do you ever see those people that are always happy no matter what? I often wondered how they got that way and thought that it was just plain strange. Throughout my life I think I have met only 5 to 10 people who were like that...How do they get this way? I think I might know some ways to get there!
  • How to get Thick hair with Thin Hair    Category: Women

    Having thin hair is a curse, I'm sure of it. The hair on our legs seems to grow fast, even thick, the hair on our arms, under our arms and well other places that I don't even want to mention grows like weeds. Why is it then that the hair on our heads just doesn't seem to grow...EVER??? Well, I don't know the answer to this one but what I do know is how you can get better looking, fuller looking and healthier looking hair. Vegetal Silica and Biotin are good for hair, skin and nails.

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