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  • How the youth misusing the freedom given by parents.    Category: Others

    Misuse the freedom by modern youth. Freedom is the word we often hear, it means getting a chance to do the interested task without the interference of others and without being obstructed by anyone. Nobody can reach their desired target until and unless they are given freedom.
  • Lack of traditional values and patience in modern Indian girls    Category: Women

    Modern day Indian girls have seemed to forgotten our traditional values, culture, heritage, patience and self control they were once famous for. Modern Indian girls are being over influenced by western culture. Qualities what we don't like in girls.
  • Love versus Attraction (Infatuation)    Category: Relationships

    Difference between love and physical attraction or infatuation. Love a small word of four letters, it shows a great affect over crores of youths. Is love equal to attraction?
  • Psychology of girls    Category: Women

    It is clear that eventhough girls are physically weaker than boys , their psychology and their outlook is more mature than boys. Sometimes girls show better performance in all aspects and with courage than the boy do.

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