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BIO:Author: Vishwamohan Kumar, India (Nic Name: vishwamohan )

  • Investment Goals - Investment according to priority.    Category: Business and Finance

    Types of investment goals: Investors have their own goals, and accordingly he chooses his investment instruments. Looking at all these things, investors take any decision.
  • Investment by different style. Wealth and Investment management.    Category: Business and Finance

    Wealth and Investment management. In todayís situation, financial Firms should focus on not just selling their products but provide advice and highly personalized portfolio management. Then, they can survive in this competitive world.
  • What influences investment decisions    Category: Business and Finance

    Investment decisions depend on the various attributes. There are so many factors that influence their investment decisions. Everyone has their own requirements. So, accordingly they take decisions.
  • India investment instruments and Government backed safe investments    Category: Business and Finance

    Information about India's investment instruments and Government backed safe investments. A common man in India generally go with postal saving schemes, fixed deposits or other bank deposits for their investment. They donít look beyond that. But, if they can update themselves then definitely can get a good return.
  • Indian stock market report - How to invest in stocks.    Category: Business and Finance

    How to invest in stocks in India. Indian stock markets are trying to consolidate on the current levels. so, investors should be very careful to take any further step.
  • Indian Stock Market - A good time to invest in shares    Category: Business and Finance

    It's a great time to pick value stocks. Don't wait, just choose the right stock and invest. Government are concerned about the share markets. so definitely things will go in a right way.
  • Weakening Indian Rupee, impacts of currency devaluation in India.    Category: Business and Finance

    Indian currencies are very weak and this currency devaluation (falling rupee) has led investors to doubt on India's economy strength. When will rupee come on its right place is not very clear. What is the reason behind this? This is like a very talkative question. If, we will try to find it then lots of reason will come out.
  • Stock market is in bear phase - Falling Share bazaar    Category: Business and Finance

    The kinds of selling pressure in share market were seen in last few days, it clearly indicates that stock market is in bear phase. Bear markets always go longer than you think they will. Sometimes longer than you think you can bear. Global concern is so strong that it is pressurizing the Indian market.
  • Stock market is in bear grip. Indian shares downtrend analysis    Category: Business and Finance

    Stock market has been stuck in limited range. Now, share market is on upper band of their range, so investor should wait for correction of this bear market.
  • Value buying - What are value stocks    Category: Business and Finance

    Value stocks are defined as stocks of solid companies that are trading at below their intrinsic value because they are out of favor or overlooked by investors. A smart investor should choose stocks that has been oversold or overlooked but are at their attractive level. Value investing is buying shares that are fundamentally sound and stable.
  • Keep the wait and watch policy - Stock markets and investing    Category: Business and Finance

    In a current Indian stock market scenario general investor should follow a wait and watch policy. Otherwise, keep a long term perspective. It's a good time of value buying for long term.
  • Stock market's uncertain times: Trader market vs investor market    Category: Business and Finance

    We are probably not at the bottom but close to the lower end of the Indian stock market. It has become trader's market rather than investor's market, So its better to stay away for now.
  • Share market is all about sentiment - Stocks trading    Category: Business and Finance

    To understand the market sentiment is really very difficult. so, it is better to stay away from this volatile market. Volatility in stocks is all people's sentiment.

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